Medicine Assistance

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

For those of you who are considering doing without your prescription medications because you have no drug insurance or your drug insurance doesn't cover the drug, there are options for you. I work with a local medicine assistance program and we currently help over 2000 patients. With the recession, we have begun taking on about 10-12 new patients weekly as well.

Drug companies charge a fortune for their newer drugs, especially the ones that are patented. Of course once the patent expires, generics are made and priced much cheaper. But until then, how will you afford that $150/month RX?

Research your drugs and find out who the manufacturers are. For instance, Benicar (a popular blood pressure med) is made by Sankyo. Check their website for a patient assistance or medicine assistance application or call them and ask about it. Your doctor might be able to point you in the right direction. He may even a patient assistance specialist in his office.

Most programs require that you fall under certain income guidelines AND have no RX insurance. Some will accept patients that have Medicare/Medicaid which doesn't pay for all of the meds.

Usually you'll have to fill out an application and your doc will have to sign the form and include a RX. And then every two months you'll have to reorder the med. A few companies do an auto-ship for about a year, but most companies require that you call in refills every couple of months. Most companies send a 3 month supply at once. So when you start that last bottle, call in your refill to the drug company. It can take 2-6 weeks for the meds to arrive so give yourself plenty of time with calling in refills. Also, most companies ship to your doc's office where you'll have to pick it up. A few ship directly to you, but they're rare. Most companies will require your date of birth and Social Security number when you call in. And some will also require the RX # that they printed on your last order.

Some pharmaceutical companies have cards you can use at the pharmacy. Johnson and Johnson, I think, sends you the pharmacy card and you just go there and get the med free. Some companies a while back joined together to offer the Share card (don't know if they still do that but you can google it). It included several of the more popular pharm companies. One company had the Orange card several years ago. I don't know if they did away with the card or not. Most companies just require you to fill out an application and meet their guidelines. Each company has different guidelines, so don't get discouraged if you don't meet one company's guidelines; you might meet another's. And some of them have an appeal process too where you can claim a hardship.

BE AWARE OF SCAMS!!! Some companies want to charge all sorts of fees to get you the drugs. The drugs are usually free, so any fees for processing should be minimal. Our office charges $2 per drug each time we order it, so $2 every 3 months usually. Of course, if you can't pay the $2, it's no problem. We do fundraisers to earn the money we need.

Another company, RX Outreach (which you can find online), charges about $20 or so per drug, but they often get you a 4 month supply at a time. We refer clients to them if we can't help them due to ineligibility for our program. They'll send you a list of all the drugs you can get thru them.

Do NOT pay $50, $100, etc. to anyone who claims they're getting you the meds free and will file appeals on your behalf. You can actually do all that yourself for NOTHING. I can't remember the name of the scamming company online that strings you along, charging you more and more and still not getting your drugs. But "free" drugs should not cost you a fortune.

Also, be aware that Walmart and Kmart have $4 generic drugs. You can go online to their sites and see a list of the $4 meds. If you cannot afford your drugs and don't qualify for assistance any other way, talk to your doc about a comparable generic. I was taking an antibiotic Trimethoprim which had gone up to $35. I talked to my doc about a comparable drug and he said Bactrim DS is the same thing, but only $4 at Walmart. I switched. I also get a double dosage which I can cut in half. So I end up with a 2 month supply for $4 instead of a one-month supply for $4.

With Walmart's $4 generics, they're $4/month OR $10 for a 3 month supply and they'll even ship them free if you wish. You will have to request that your doc order a 90-day supply at a time, instead of a 30-day supply at a time. And no, a 30-day supply with 2 refills is not the same. That's still a 30-day supply at a time, 3 times. You'll want a 90-day supply at ONE time to get the $10 rate.

Also, your doc often gets "samples" and can supply you. Anytime he starts you on a new drug, ask for samples you can try to be sure the drug will work for you before you invest money in it. If you can't get the drug thru a med assistance program, ask if he'll continue giving you samples. If he cares about you and wants you to take the drug, he'll usually offer the samples indefinitely if the company will supply him.

You may have other programs in your area too, so don't give up. Call your senior citizens group, area agency on aging, social services, your church, local hospitals, etc. Someone will know what is available in your immediate area.

If you need any help, Dmail me. If you're in Ark, TN, MS, or MO, I can send you one of our applications. But with us, you must have NO drug insurance at all--no medicare Part D or medicaid or private drug insurance.

There's help out there for you. Don't do without vital drugs simply because of cost.

SF Bay Area, CA(Zone 9b)

Another alternative is Costco. They told me that if I signed up for their discount drug card, as long as I ordered my meds in 100 count instead of 90 they could beat the $4 price - and they did! They also beat other pharmacies' prices on meds which aren't $4 if you get them in certain dosages. Check with the Costco pharmacist for their requirements for your drugs.

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

I wish we had a Costco here! We have a Sams Club (with no pharmacy), so maybe one day Costco will come to town.

SF Bay Area, CA(Zone 9b)

I don't shop there a lot since I can get most things elsewhere for less if I watch the sales, but there are items which are definitely cheaper.

But I also live in an area which has many different stores, and a lot of the U.S. doesn't have that. For example, I have 8 grocery stores within a couple of miles of my house, not counting Costco, Walmart, Target, Kmart or the drug and dollar stores.

Thank you so much for all the excellent info re obtaining prescription drugs for less or free!

Lost in the Woods, MO(Zone 6a)

Thank you for the great list of resources!

Here are a few more:

Schnuck's has (some) free generics.

Walgreen's has $4 generics (and many are open all night).

Pennsylvania has a state RX program. My grandmother used to get her gold shots for a very small amount (can't remember off-hand how much, but those shots are expensive!).

Some chartiies for specific diseases have medication (and other) assistance.

Some hospitals have "charity care" and provide care and meds free or at very low cost to those that qualify.

If you are a veteran, check out your local VA hospital and find out what you are eligible for (and how much it will cost, as there is a means test). Medication copay is $8.00 (must be written by a VA doc).

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

Great information, GrayThumb. Thank you for posting it.

I use walmart for my generics but I hate that they don't have a drive thru. I may check Walgreens. They used to charge an annual membership fee to join the generics program. Do they still? Walmart doesn't, which is why I started going there.

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

I just compared one of my generics at Walgreens. I pay $10 for a 3-month supply at Walmart and Walgreens discount program would charge me $24 for the same amount.

And that brings up a point I may have forgotten to mention. While Walmart has the $4/mo generics, if you get a 3-month supply at one time, it's only $10 instead of $12. Also, if you do the 3-month refills, you can get them shipped to you for free. You can reorder online, pay by debit/credit card and simply wait for the mail. I wouldn't advise having any non-$4 drugs shipped. The prices vary greatly for other drugs. For instance, one of my medications is $27 for 3 months IF I pick it up at Walmart. If they ship it, it's over $100!!! I tried to find out why but the best I can figure is the generics are shipped from some other pharmacy and they don't get the same deals that Walmart does.

Also, remember that all pharmacies are different and charge different rates. So check around.

If your pet needs antibiotics, steroids and such, you might ask your vet to give you a RX and have it filled at your local pharmacy instead of buying the drugs from the vet. My dog had a kidney infection once and the vet gave me the exact same antibiotic, same milligrams, same quantity for $50 that I get at Walmart for $4. Many of the drugs our pets take are the same ones we take. And you have a right to the RX. Your vet probably won't offer because that's one way he makes the money. But if money is an issue and can determine whether you treat your pet or not, ask him for a RX.

Lost in the Woods, MO(Zone 6a)

Our vet always gives an RX. The receptionist will call it in to the pharmacy of our choice and it's ready by the time we get there. The only bad thing is there is no drive-through pharmacy nearby and if I am by myself with a dog or cat, then the animal has to stay in the car while I go fetch. In the summer, this is very, very bad because leaving the car running so the AC stays on, even with a Club on the steering wheel and the doors locked, is an invitation to thieves.

Crozet, VA

I am wondering if anyone reading this has heard of the Medicare Program called Extra Help. It supposedly helps out on medicines. I heard someone mention it a few weeks ago and I saved the application to my desktop but haven't had the time to check and see if I will qualify or not.


Ripley, MS

My daughter transferred all her scripts from Wal-Greens to Kroger. I am not sure how many stores Kroger has around the country, but she buys all her groceries and meds at Kroger and saves .10 a gallon on gas there. For every 100 points on your Kroger card you can get .10 a gallon--example, if you only have 99 points, you don't get the .10 if you have 100 you can fill your tank and save .10 a gallon. Some Shell stations are now accepting the Kroger card and giving the .10 a gallon discount. I shop there some, but only when I am in Tupelo, which is not really close to my home, but the nearest for me. I think she said you get 50 points for each script you fill, and I am not real sure how the grocery points are but it is so many points for so many dollars spent.
She said all her scripts are cheaper at Kroger than Wal-Greens too.

Snellville, GA(Zone 8a)

I Know of a place that if you are on a fixed income they will help you with the cost of meds.
Healthwell foundation & will assistant with you preimium payments.


Crozet, VA

Thanks Cindy.

(Tammie) Odessa, TX(Zone 7b)

I wonder if I could find help in buying my Topamax.. I lost my job last November.. I am paying insurance Cobra $300 per month which is almost 25% of my unemployment income.. single so it is all that is coming in. They cover meds and the generic is only $10 but unfortunatley it does not work at all.. have tried and tried it.. every dose of generic I take and I get a migraine.. have even tried blind mix in with brand so I don't know when I took generic.. still get the migraine.. so I am stuck buying the brand. My insurance wants to charge me $500 per month for the brand name so I don't use them. I am buying it out of Canada instead for about $150 per month. This is making my monthly health care costs.. $450!.. ouch... two pills a day but to me it is as important as air. Before we found topamax I suffered with daily headaches all my life and almost weekely migraines. I finally gave up trying to take the generics about a month ago.. was trying to mix in about 4 per week with the brand to make the brand ones last and I have a good supply of generics.. not worth the headaches! Needless, I eat a LOT of store brand soup. 1 can makes 2 meals if I buy potato and put a piece of bead in it. LOL

Ripley, MS

Check out this web site and see if you can get help

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

Lhasa, you might ask your doctor about samples. Sometimes they have them on hand and will dispense them to you as needed. Or ask if he can switch you to a different drug, like Depakote, Neurontin, Keppra, or Dilantin.

There are programs that will help for FREE IF you don't have RX insurance. Do you have other medications? Can you drop the RX coverage? If so, my office may be able to help you. If you keep the RX coverage, you could contact the manufacturer of Topamax and explain your situation and do a "hardship appeal". Many times, different pharmaceutical companies will help you even if you have insurance if buying your meds is causing a financial burden on you.

St. Louis County, MO(Zone 5a)

This is something that has always ticked me off. My mail order pharmacy sent me 3 of a nasal spray that I rarely use, maybe one container a year. I can't return the others even tho' they are unopened. Now I belong to a support group for a disease I have, and we very quietly just post what we have and contact each other privately. I know we aren't supposed to do this, but for me to throw it out when someone else needs it just makes me mad.

My rheumy also writes my RX for twice the dosage, trusting me to take the correct dosage. He writes it on a sheet that I tape to the bottle.

Ozone, AR(Zone 6a)

Good for you Cathy4. I do too. Just have whoever, google the meds so they can see side effects etc.

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

I learned of this program today at work. One of our patients recommended it:

They help with medications as well as glucose test strips, lancets, glucose meters and more. They charge a $10 processing fee per RX, but most plans are for a year, so $10 for a year's worth of test strips or a year's worth of a medication.

They have a pretty high income cutoff ($43,000 for a single person) and they also help people with Medicare and insurance if you're having trouble paying for your meds even after they pay what they'll cover.

They have a list of the meds and supplies they'll cover. I'm applying to get my test strips. The ones I use cost around $1 per strip. I'd save tons if I can get them for $10/yr.

You can apply online or print out an app and mail it in.

Ozone, AR(Zone 6a)

Thanks Butterfly, MY DD and I both could use that help.

Crozet, VA

Thanks BC, gonna check in to it. Sure woud help to have more coverage.


Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

I can use the test strips so I've got my application ready to mail. I'd check my sugar more often if the strips weren't so expensive.

Crozet, VA

Thankfully I don't have diabetes to deal with. Hooray, one thing I don't have. hahaha I do have a list of nine medications I take daily and cost me between $10 and $60 each script per month co-pay. There was a time when this wasn't too big a deal for me and I was glad to have the insurance I coverage that I did. The longer these economic bad times last, the worse it becomes to keep doling that amount of money out month after month.

I recently applied for Medicare Extra Help but haven't heard back from them. Don't know if that will be of any help to me or not. It is good to have this new option to check in to though, so thanks for posting it. It almost seems likes one those too good to be true kind of deals though. I will want to speak with my doctor before applying to see if he is willing to get involved with doing it too. I don't want to create extra stress on him if at all possible. He has been an excellent doctor for many years, so I don't really foresee a problem, just want to be sure first though.

Let me know how it goes BC with the cost of the strips and things.


Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

Since I work with a medicine asst program, I know there are all sorts of programs out there. The reason they can offer them for free is because the pharmaceutical companies give them away. Doctors have all sorts of free samples they distribute to their patients and the pharmaceutical reps bring more free samples each time they visit. The companies can afford to give away some of their meds because they charge medicare and other insurance programs so much for them. So they're making good money anyway.

Most med asst programs charge a minimal fee for their services. They usually have fundraisers to make the biggest portion of their funding to pay their employees. My office charges $2 per drug, per application. So if an application lasts for a year, you'd only pay $2 for that year for that drug. Some apps only last 3 months, so then it would cost you $8 a year for that drug. Each pharmaceutical company has different guidelines.

It's no stress for your doc at all. When we submit a new app for a patient, we send the doc a form to sign. We highlight where he signs and that's all he needs to do. We mail it to him so he can sign at his leisure so the patient doesn't intrude upon his time by dropping by the office and asking him to stop what he's doing to sign the form. All the docs we deal with are happy to do it since it means their patients will be taking their meds.

Also before you take any new med, ask the doc for a sample. He will probably have samples of most of the meds he prescribes regularly. So you should be able to try it out for a few weeks or a month before investing in it. Not all medications sit well with all people.

If he doesn't have free samples, you can sometimes go to the website of the pharmaceutical company that manufactures the drug and print out a coupon for your first month free. You just take the coupon to the pharmacy with your doctor's RX and they fill it free of charge.

I feel confident in the program above that I just posted. One of our patients uses it and recommended it the other day when she called. Apparently she was interested in the free test strips, which our program doesn't get. There are lots of good med asst programs out there, but each has their own guidelines and their own list of meds/supplies that they can get.

Beware of any programs that charge an arm and a leg for their services. They are getting meds for free from the pharm companies. And they should be doing fundraisers or getting grants to pay for their "non-profit" organizations. So they shouldn't be charging much for their services. RX Outreach charges $20 per drug for a 6 month supply generally. And that's reasonable. Some company who wants $50 up front for an application fee is unreasonable. If you call them and they can't tell you if they can help you without a big fee, it's probably a scam. Legitimate programs are designed to help people who can't afford their drugs, so their costs should be relatively small. We work with Needy Meds which helps people with NO drug coverage. If people have drug coverage, we refer them to RX Outreach.

Crozet, VA

Many years ago a girl friend of mine worked for a Psychiatrist and she kept me stocked with my anti-depressant for a couple of years from his supply cabinet. I always forget to ask about samples when at the doctor's office but may need to begin reminding myself before I visit the next time. All good and much needed information BC, thanks for posting.


Durhamville, NY(Zone 5b)

I live on samples for my asthma meds. If I couldn't get samples it would have to be a trip to Canada every few months. Also don't be afraid to check with independent Rxs. I use a local one that's cheaper than Walmart. I spent $15 for a discount plan and can get my drugs for $3.50 for 30 pills. The nice thing about this Rx is that it has more drugs on the cheap list than Walmart does.

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(Tammie) Odessa, TX(Zone 7b)

So far, everywhere I have gone disqualifies me because I do have insurance.. they just don't cover my med because I require the brand med. I am unemployed and carrying my insurance through COBRA.. $300 per month. My one med is $200 per month.and that is only if I buy it outside of the country.. it is more if I buy it here. that is 2 tablets per day. This is a total more than 35% of my total income for the month. It is killing me. I would be better off dropping my insurance to be elligle for help but then if something happened, I would not have insurance. I borrowed from my mother when I last bought it since the shipment was damaged from the heat in mailing and I had to buy it again.. total loss and no one would cover the loss.. $574 down the drain.. considering buying from a local pharmacy next month and paying the extra $300 just to be sure I don't lose the $$ from shipping heat.

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

Tammie, have you checked with the company that makes your med? Some pharmaceutical companies will help you even if you have insurance. You can write an appeal and explain your situation and some companies will ship you the meds free.

Why don't you dmail me the name of your med and I'll see if I can find a program for you.

Tolleson, AZ(Zone 9a)

I looked for help with my son who is on Adderall Rx I could not find anyone that covers it.

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

The Shire Company is currently not giving away that drug, so that's why you can't find a patient assistance program for it. You might ask your doctor for a cheaper alternative. There are usually several drugs that will do the same thing, and often doctors just prescribe the newer or more expensive one. If you have trouble affording it, talk to him about something will work just as well. One of my docs prescribed a drug that cost me $33 a month. I talked to my other doc about it and he said, "Well this one is the same thing and it's on the $4 plan at walmart." So he switched me and if I buy a 3 month supply at once, I get it for $10 every 3 months! That's a huge savings to me--about $90 every 3 months. So ask questions. It's your money and your son's life.

(Tammie) Odessa, TX(Zone 7b)

Unfortunately I have spoken with the company and they are not any help.. my doctor has also bent over backwards trying everything possible to find another drug that will work. I have suffered with severe delibitating migranes since I was 12 years old. I am 50 now and have have spent the last 3 years this month taking Topamax.. that is 3 years without the almost weekly miserable migranes. The only time I have migranes now was when the drug was ruined in the mail and I took it.. that is how I found out it was bad.. it did not work at all. I also get a migraine if I miss a dose... I finally got smart and set an alarm for every 12 hours on my phone so I can't forget so it is VERY RARE now that I miss a dose. I feel like a baby crying when I am struggling to buy the medicine and think I am going to have to not buy it for a few months.. it is like air... I have to have it or go back to daily headaches and weekly migraines and cant bare the thought of doing without it! What a baby I am.. I lived without it before but can't stand the thought of doing without it again. Just sent off the $900 for 3 months insurance.. now I need to come up with the $600 for 3 months med! Unfortunately I had to spend the $600 unexpectedly getting my car fixed last week.. ever heard of this... it got stuck in PARK! had to have the entire gear shif mechanism replaced. 2007 Chrysler 300 you would expect it to last longer than that. LOL it figures... one thing after another.

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

Lhasa, it might be cheaper for you if you drop the insurance or find health insurance without drug coverage. My med asst program gets Topamax free for lots of patients. charges $65 for a 6 month supply. Here's their income requirements:

Topamax is made by Jansenn, a company of Johnson and Johnson. They have a patient assistance program. Here's a link to it:

Check with them about getting the drug for free thru their program. Even if you're over the income requirements, you can usually do an "appeal" if you're denied. Just show them your expenses and tell them no other drug stops your migraines and that it's a real financial hardship on you. Many companies will often approve you.

I'm not sure how J & J ships. Most drug companies ship a 3 month supply at one time. When you start your second month of medication, you call the company for a reorder (refill) so they know to ship another 3 months. Some companies will automatically ship every 3 months. I THINK J & J does, without your having to call them. But you better check that. Usually an application is good for one year and then you have to reapply. But some companies require a new app every 3 months, so check to see how they do it. The goal is to keep the med coming so you don't have to buy any.

The lady I work with who writes appeals for our patients is on vacation for a week this next week. But before you send an appeal letter off, why don't you dmail it to me and I'll have her look it over and see if anything should be added or reworded for best results. I hate to think of you living with migraines because you can't afford your meds.

Crozet, VA

What a travesty you are in the midst of Lhasa. I too have a history of migraines and know the fear that is instilled in your mind and heart. I too finally found something to work and I go to whatever lengths I have to in order to keep the medication supplied. I am so sorry to hear that insurance and medication is breaking you and your pocket book. I am tending to agree with Butterfly in that it might make more sense to drop the Cobra and apply for some assistance from another source.

Are you near enough to a State funded medical center to become a patient there and qualify for state assistance? When I first stopped working while awaiting Social Security, I was fortunate enough to live nearby a state funded medical center that qualifed me for three dollar doctor visits and three dollar medication costs. I am not sure what I would have done for the four years I was waiting on Social Security and then for Medicare to kick in.

While I had insurance, my claims were running in the twenty five thousand dollar a year range. Being able to qualify for the patient assistance program at the medical center saved my life and saved me from losing my home at the time. There are programs out there to help.....BC has given you some excellent information on getting started.

Please let us know how things go. I really hope that you will be able to make a change soon in order to not carry this heavy load on your shoulders any longer than you have to. Good luck with it. I believe with some effort, you will find a satisfactory answer to this dilemma. If you are near a state funded medical center, try calling their social work department and discussing your issue with them. They should be able to advise you on what would be your best option.


Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

Today I offered to help a friend find better prices for some of her meds. She is drawing $517 a month on social security and her husband was recently laid off. I told her I would do some reading tonight and read back through this thread.

I have been exploring her options with just a couple of the drugs she takes. She will bring me the list and her paperwork in the next day or two. She's not yet old enough to draw medicare assistance.

I have spent time exploring some of the options mentioned here and am suitably impressed. While there I also perused the drug lists for the ones my husband takes. I find we have his meds reduced to the simplest, cheapest with only two exceptions and they are not listed and really not a problem for us at this time.

The sites I have toured are:
Medicare extra help

I will encourage anyone who is needy or if you know someone needy to follow the advice given on this thread. Most sites are easy to understand and navigate, as well as informative. Thanks much for the direction here.

While out there, I looked for any info found on a new osteoporosis drug they are recommending for my sister. Forteo ~ it will cost her a mere $1,200. a month. How on earth can they get away with that! Needless to say, there are no options for her with her income level. Unfortunately in my reading, I find that longterm use of warfarin (blood thinner) for afib is probably the cause of her osteoporosis. One cannot win for losing.

Anyway, thanks again for this information and this thread. I appreciate the direction to start looking.

Crozet, VA

I am with you Podster on some medications being priced outrageously. Yep, I have been one of those folks that have experienced severe side effects from some of my medications. What I realized a while back is that many of my meds are now necessary in order to prevent the side effects of the other meds. Can't win for losing seems to be the name of the game.

Good luck in finding something for your friend. I agree, this is an excellent site full of great info. Thanks Butterfly.


Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

Podster, surely there's another drug she can take instead of that $1200 one. Tell her to talk to her doctor.

Also, I feel warfarin is too dangerous for anyone to take. Both my parents were on it for a short while. It has to be monitored so closely and any change in diet, medication, or fluid intake can change its effectiveness. You might tell your sister to talk to her doctor about alternatives. For instance, cutting out a lot of sugar and drinking a lot of water can thin the blood. An aspirin a day thins the blood. I think there's an herb that thins the blood as well. Warfarin and Vitamin K clash, so you have to avoid the K when on it.

By the way, Warfarin is the drug put into rat poison to make the rats bleed to death internally. Why anyone would want to willingly prescribe or swallow this drug, I don't know. Most people are somewhat dehydrated and don't realize it. Dehydration thickens the blood. So your sis might be able to alleviate the problem simply by drinking more water, milk, or juices (no tea, alcohol, or sodas).

Even if your sister is over the income level for the Forteo (or any other drug), many pharmaceutical companies will go ahead and give the drug away if you write an appeal letter stating how the cost puts a hardship on you. So she loses nothing by contacting the company and letting them know she can't shell out 1200 monthly. They just might ship it to her free.

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

Thanks again to both of your responses.

Warfarin is the drug put into rat poison to make the rats bleed to death internally

Ironic isn't it that the Forteo was found to cause deadly bone cancer in rats. Hmmmm.

I can't tell her what to do but am printing out some information so she will be better informed while talking to her Dr.
She's also planning to go for a second opinion. I don't know what she'll do but I darn sure know what I'd do!!!

Southern California, CA

Lhasa: I would think the medicine damaged in mailing would have been covered by the post office or the mailing pharmacy. I would call either or both (post office & pharmacy) every day until I annoyed them enough to be reimbursed.....I would be very polite....but calling them everyday, I have found, wears them down....

Butterfly: you are well informed and I want to thank you for this thread. I do not have any need of this information at the present time...but family members might and one never knows what the future holds: thank you, very much!!

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

You're all welcome for the info. I love working with the Medicine Asst Program. I've learned so much. We have about 2000 patients in our area right now and we get more everyday. It's just outrageous how much a little pill can cost.

If the company took out insurance thru the PO, then Lhasa may be able to get her money back. If not, the pharm co SHOULD reimburse her or send her another shipment for free. In fact, if she paid by credit card, her credit card company should fight for her. Lhasa, please, always pay with a cc or thru Paypal even with a cc. If you use a cc thru Paypal, then you have two levels of protection and WILL get your money back if a package is lost in the mail or damaged. The pharm co has an obligation to make sure you receive an undamaged product. No way should you just eat the cost when they failed to deliver the product in excellent condition.

Joplin, MO(Zone 6b)

Yes Butterflychaser is amazing how much 1 dose of medicine can cost. My 15 day supply at full price of meds i need badly to keep from miscarrying is $400. Thanks to Joplin Target Pharmacy who is the only one I've found for working with you on prices its much cheaper & i can still buy groceries for my other 4 children this month. They also have a $4 generics list. BUT the Pharmacist is awesome & will hunt for a way to lower your cost as much as she can. I was forced to buy meds at Quikmeds (hospital pharmacy) by the doctor who scared me into thinking i couldn't wait 12 hours for the meds to be mailed in to my pharmacy OR my pharmacy wouldn't order them due to the high cost. It cost me $140 for 15 days (14 days ago) which was all of my food budget & then some for the next 2 weeks. I went straight to Target & asked her if she could work on finding me a better deal. I picked my meds up last night from Target. $140 for 30 days through Target. Same meds as before only someone who was willing to find a good deal for her customers. Its amazing what happens when the Pharmacists actually cares about her customers.

Southern California, CA

Greykit: Great sure to thank her...I do not think there are too many like her around these days....

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