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Mom has Parkinsons neurologist says.

Harleysville, PA

My mom has had balance issues for 2 years now and has a hard time getting dressed herself in the mornings. She shakes and has a hard time taking her needles for her diabetes so my dad helps her alot. She is 74 years old he is 80. Her nuerologist wants her to think about starting with meds but mom is afraid of the side effects so so far not taken anything. Is this wise or is it best to start on meds and will that help with her balance or shakes? She said she has a hard time getting up from sitting and is too afraid to drive anymore. Anyone out there on meds and remember what it was like starting out on meds? What are some common meds for Parkinsons and has it helped with the balance and weakness. She even says making her bed is tough anymore. They like to walk but she feels better with her walker if its alot of walkig. They walk almost every day together. I just bought her a book called A Book for Dummies on Parkinsons.She says reading about parkinsons makes her nervous but I thought its good to learn as much about it as she can. Any advice on meds would be good, Drs support groups (she does not use a computer) and personal advice thanks!

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