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Bed skirt ideas needed

(Zone 9a)

The cover for a daybed in the grandchildrens room shrunk in the laundry. Rather than toss it I plan to shorten it still more and add a skirt underneath it which will be attached to the frame with velcro. The top is a red striped ticking, a simple design with an inverted pleat in the middle of the long side. I have found a coordinating print for the skirt.

My problem is how to make the skirt,. In my mind, gathering th material does sound good to me with the very casual ticking. I thought about just off setting pleats about midway between the center pleat in the topper and the ends of the bed. Does that make sense? I can't picture how that will look. A completly plain straight skirt seems boring.

Anybody have any ideas. TIA

Southern California, CA

I think gathering or pleats would be nice, either one.

(Zone 9a)

Thanks, I am starting to lean towards a very light gthering, just enough to keep it from being a straight panel.

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