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What's Happening in your neck of the woods/chat with friends

Victoria Harbour, ON

Lordy, moved us over incorrectly last time, sure hope you can find us...

We came from here

and here:

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Thumbnail by Bettypauze
Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Hope I'm in the right place ^_^
LoL .. kinda sounds like a 'Rodney Dangerfield' joke ...

Betty .. So unfair to have to wait that long for an MRI !!! Lorna's Mom was having the same problem with getting an Ultra Sound re her breast .. she phoned the Ultra Sound clinic herself and spoke to the receptionist, and was able to get a date 10 days earlier .. go figger !!

Nothing earth shattering planned for today .. yet .. but .. the day is young ....



Victoria Harbour, ON

"M" yep right room,lol. Head not thinking straight, led you all astray...

Not fair at all, Thea from Ottawa was telling me that there is a central registration number that I could be put on, might mean a few hours drive but that would be okay in order to get a quicker appointment?

How Lorna's mom and dad? guess doing better as I've not heard you say you were heading this way!

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

'THINGS' are still 'up in the air' re a trip east. Right now we're waiting for the Ultra Sound results .. it's been a week .. to me, that means nothing too serious has been found .. of course .. gone are the days of QUICK results .. seems the paperwork hits a variety of desks before the patient is graced with the info ..

Sure hope you do try the 'fast track method' Betty .. you might be surprised.

Waiting to hang out load#2 of clothes .. seems to me the washer takes longer to wash the clothes now, of course, they come from the washer a lot dryer than before.

Planning to spend the lion's share of the day outside .. beautiful out there ^_^


Victoria Harbour, ON

Just spoke with Ann, Mike has taken a turn for the worse, she's crying her heart out, says she's praying that if he has to die that it be now, why make him suffer in pain as he's must be bad for her to completely lose it...they were at Newmarket hospital yesterday, they did the a procedure a few weeks ago, they went for a check up, Dr. showed them the x-ray from 3 weeks ago to yesterday and said he couldn't believe the growth of the tumors..said nothing can be done to relieve him of the pain..setting up palative care..

drats, just not good...prayers could help dear friends!

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Hi folks,

Been more or less MIA but try to follow along. Things will get better now as there were two concerts last weekend with two different orchestras. One of them won't come along again as they promised pay and then underpaid virtually all of the musicians. I don't think there's anyone who's willing to play with them again.

Betty - thank you for the news from Ann. Keeping her and Mike in my Ts and Ps. And thank you for the move. The other thread was so long that I'd stopped doing anything other than checking to see if it was moved.

Marilynne - I jealous that you are able to hang out clothes. There's still quite a bit of snow where my back yard dryer will go.

Ann (Viann)

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Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Well Betty .. I am SO hoping the Palliative care is set up sooner as opposed to later .. I am guessing Mike would have a 'central line' .. an apparatus that will enable him to be hooked up to a pain delivery system .. as his wife says, seeing him suffer is difficult, and he simply should NOT be.

Nice to see you posting Ann .. what a RAW DEAL re the pay for playing!! Don't blame anyone who would not return ..
I love my clothesline, but, am finding my shoulders do NOT this year .. so .. gonna have to grease some wheels to make reeling it out and in a bit easier.

Have been out all afternoon, in now to make supper and take a break !!!

Off to the groomers with Piper tomorrow .. he WON't be happy !!


Victoria Harbour, ON

Ann, glad that all went well with the concerts...

Will let Ann know that prayers are being on their behalf.

Snow all gone in my yard but it's been bitter cold..saying we're on a warming trend though

Edmonton, AB(Zone 3a)

T and P's from this Ann too. When I hear of anyone in pain it makes me angry that in this day of technology there isn't more that can be done for people. Such a shame, I hope he is given some peace, SOON.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Thank you Ann, I keep telling her you are all praying for their needs..

Been viewing this very addictive site on hummers..

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Gets kind of confusing with all the Anns. Call me Vi-ann. What does Edmonton Ann want to be called? Or maybe we could say Betty's Ann.

Edmonton, AB(Zone 3a)

I know what you mean, its been a long time since I have had others with the 'plain" spelling to match mine.
You can call me what ever you would like to call me, with in reason. Maybe we could just use the Annabell instead, then there won't be too many of us out here. Or I can be Alberta Ann?

Victoria Harbour, ON

You are BOTH my Ann's...

Tonight and I know I should not have because there is still snow coming I raked part of a garden ad to tell you I need a bath, smell like a b.b.q. Betty!

Did any of you get to work I your gardens today?

Trying to decide if I want to make something for supper, was out for Chinese at luck and not very hungry and yet tummy is saying feed me/
feed me. Lol. S off I go

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

I vote for Vi-Ann and Alberta Ann ^_^
Both of you are so wonderful in your own ways .. don't want to confuse anyone ...

Lots happened with Lorna today .. she now has a NEW prosthetic foot .. and some re adjustments here and there .. all in all, a good day for her .. we have to shop for new runners for her now ...

Piper got groomed .. LOOKED wonderful .. brought him home .. and PLOP .. into a MUD PUDDLE ... just his butt mind you .. but ... I laughed instead of letting out a horrifying shriek LoL
Next month BOTH he and Lilly go together for their 'FROO FROO DOs' !!!!!

Made Chicken Souvlaki for supper .. whooooooooo weeeeeeeeeee ... lotsa garlic and pepper ... but .. it was a nice change ..

Been up since 5am .. early to bed for sure ...

Weather is ACES ^_^


Victoria Harbour, ON

Once Lorna gets her new runners she'll be able to do the happy dance! Was an ace day here as well "M" but they are calling for a bit of snow/rain for the next few days..almost over!

My favorite souvlaki, garlic and all. The restaurant next door make a great one, you get an entire meal and Greek salad for $10.50, enough to divide for 2 meals..been awhile since I ordered it, maybe this weekend...can't buy food to cook for that amount of money..just think of the hydro I'll be saving lol

Took my camper over to the canvas maker tonight..had brought the tent unit over on Friday. He picked up the material and wanted to get started so now he has both he can get at it..told him no rush but do want it back by may 1st...

Now in nighty looking at couch then bed trying to decide if I want to stay up or go to has been the first day in a month that I can stand the pounding in my head and blurred vision, hopefully I'm finally on the mend

Enjoy your evening!

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Goodness we have had 3 warm sunny days in a row- the snow is melting in fast order and I have an ankle deep lake at the back gate/ fence! It will take a while to disappear, snow on the other side of the fence is high and just melting into the lake and I cant do anything about it! Usually I keep all that snow cleared away because this is the lowest part of the yard but was not able to do that this winter. so parking the car out front instead of wading thru the water to the parking pad.

Bailey, 14 earlier this month, had something funny going on and had surgery yesterday- turned out to be big absess under one of his upper canines so that had to come out- he is stitched up and on pain meds so not feeling anything. At the same time vet removed a small adenoma ( benign tumor) just above his anus at the base of his tail and so he is stitched there too. Incision goes almost to the anus so vet says I must check him every time he poops to be sure he is clean! Just took him for a short walk- he is still feeling the effects of the anaesthetic but much brighter today, on soft food for about a week. I think the stitches stimulate his anus as he keeps squatting as if trying to poop and nothing happens! Had me up and out at 3AM this morning. Good thing it was not 20 below!

Edmonton, AB(Zone 3a)

Oh Carol
Poor guy,,, both ends!
I'm thinking he will feel better fast. Kind of good that you could get two things done with one anaesthetic cost as I know that can be expensive.

We too are having a big melt. My Sr citizen neighbor got stuck in the ally today so i went out to help.
Not being able to push I asked if I could drive for her. That worked and got her out of the frozen water filled rut she was stuck in. It's bad in the allies for the smaller cars. I'm glad she didn't have both sets of wheels accros the ally in two different ruts.....that would not have been good.

I have some seeds that have grown and need to be transplanted ,hope to get that done this weekend. Lots of noise at my bird feeder which I'm enjoying. And it was ABOVE 0 today!!!!
Ann Alberta, NB(Zone 5a)

Huge snow storm forecast for here for tomorrow, hoping this is just a bad April Fool's Day joke.
It has been so nice here, the snow is mostly gone and the crocuses are blooming, not looking forward to tomorrow and 20 -25 cm of snow - it has to be a joke.................Laurie

Edmonton, AB(Zone 3a)

I will keep my fingers crossed that it is. We are far from crocuses blooming. Still have 3 ft of snow.
Ann Alberta

Fredericton N B, Canada(Zone 4a)

I too enjoyed the spring weather today. I had my first walk through the garden.Found 2 crocus blooming.The big surprise was the baby goldfish.I've never had one before.It is nearly 2" long. Since March has gone out like a lamb my cyber friend in Australia suggested Lambchop for it's name. I made him the godfather for his contribution.Here is the family in a very dirty pond.JOY

Thumbnail by agedgardener
Victoria Harbour, ON

Ahhh look at deep is your pond that you can keep them all winter...think is I remember correctly you have a heater? At the deepest part of the pond I have about 31/2 to 4' of depth...did purchase fish back a few years ago but I think Missy m kitty or local blue heron got them..

Sun was out here all day but with the wind it was quite cool..calling for a nice weekend, wouldn't you know I'm shuffling off to Buffalo tomorrow..might be better that I am so I'm not raking like a fool all weekend..

Head is just a pounding tonight. Dropped in to the vision centre to have them check my glasses, was told they would make a slight change in the arms but said the bifocals are right where they should be..told me to raise my office. Hair tomorrow so I'm looking down instead of upward, at this point I'll try anything!

It's wonderful that they were able to do the 2 proceedures on Bailey, anesthetic is hard on them at that age...

Glad it's melting but you sure don't need a careful if it freezes, easy to fall.

Guess if I raked the front beds I might find some crocus! Was at Walmart, didn't go right up to the garden centre but could se them setting supplies out..what I did see was that they had 5 to 6 cedars..should would love to pick up a few..

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Ottawa Raging Grannies made a new video which is up on YouTube. Too political to say more, but a search for the above group will bring up links to it.

Had handbells tonight and spent the rest of the evening watching TV.

Wishing you all a good night.

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Laurie .. according to our local weather lady's report last evening .. your weather is NOT a joke!! Lawsie .. when the map went to the east coast it was ALL BLUE .. and she noted that anyone travelling that way had best call ahead re delays.

Joy .. the Goldfish look wonderful, and 'LAMBCHOP' is a lovely name for a wee fishie ^_^

Hope Bailey is improving as the days pass Carol .. don't envy you the 'toiletry duty', but, has to be done for the incision to heal.

Betty .. did the doc take your blood pressure when you visited? This headache seems to be far too long in it's staying.
Good luck going to Buffalo .. hope the weather is okee dokee ..

Will look up the link re the Grannies Ann.



Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

LOL .................... Carol .... I just watched the link .... DAWG ... I would have SCREAMED too had I reached down to retrieve that item LOL
Good one !!


Victoria Harbour, ON

LOL, think I'd have let out some words I don't normally use...what people don't think of.

Will also go look for the Ottawa Raging Grannies Viola Ann. enjoy your evening, not often you get to relax.

Beautiful sunshine day here, sitting quietly in hopes my head gets better. Didn't want to disappoint Darlene with not going to the big craft show in N.Y...she's often ill and can't get out of bed, was so hoping she'd call and say 'no can go' so guess I'm going!

You know I had that on my list "M" to ask about blood pressure and then you get in and gab about this and gab about that and before you know it out you go with 1/2 questions not answered.
Went to the vision center yesterday with my new glasses..2nd time I've been, said the bifocals are right where they should be..hd hould improve the clarity, guess I'll have to wait and see if still the same after my appts. for tests. Just no fun though!, NB(Zone 5a)

LOL at the mannequin head!
The weather is certainly not a joke, snow started here about 9 am and no signs of slowing down. Lots of heavy wet snow. Sent us home early from work so nice to have a head start on the weekend.
Hope you are making out OK Joy - Fredericton always gets hammered worse than the coast........Laurie

Fredericton N B, Canada(Zone 4a)

Laurie It looks like Christmas.I had a turkey in the freezer since thanksgiving and yesterday I decided to cook it.Most appropriate for the weather.The turkey came from the States and had no legs or wings.Just a large gaping hole for dressing which I didn't make.put in and apple and onion.Yesterday it felt like spring...found my first crocus and now........JOY

Thumbnail by agedgardener
Fredericton N B, Canada(Zone 4a)

And this is out back

Thumbnail by agedgardener, NB(Zone 5a)

Took this before I went to work this morning.

Thumbnail by growum, NB(Zone 5a)

this is now

Thumbnail by growum
Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

OMG Laurie and Joy ... !!!! What can I say?
NorthWestern Ontario had a grand day today .. but .. 'eternal pessimist' that I am .. I can forsee OUR DUMP of the white stuff looming sometime soon ..
THOSE pics are just brutal !!!

Got Lorna's new runners (sneakers) today .. pricey pieces of footwear .. one can only hope they are durable.
Also had a friend who owns a pet shop make me a 'dog coupler' .. made to my specifications .. she did a wonderful job!!
Now, each doggie has 3 feet of leash each and I control both with the flexilead .. to all of you who have never walked 2 poochers .. disregard the former .. can get downright confusing LoL

Waiting patiently for tonights episode of Coronation ST ... guilty, OR, not guilty ... the tials and tribulations on ..'THE STREET' ... am thinking we should start a 'CORRIE Forum' LoL

Take care everyone


Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

I know exactly what you mean Marilyn- I have a coupler also and it is adjustable so the dogs can be only a foot or so apart up to 6 feet apart. However I have almost never used it as I got so used to having them both on flexis which I put on a belt so my hands are free and I can grab the flexis as needed.

Just looked out the window and it is snowing!!!!!!.

Checked a weather forecast and there are snowfall warnings out! Just when most of the snow was gone from my yard and the back gate lake is almost evaporated - here we go again!

Baileys mouth does not seem to bother him, he has a lot of stitches- vet turned quite a flap but he is on Metacam. What does bother him is the stitches under his tail - he is probably constipated from the antibiotics and he is having a hard time pooping . Every time he squats he quickly sits so it obviously hurts. He did manage a small poop this morning. Had a brain wave and asked vet if I could give him some stool softener but he said that is a bit too drastic! Gave him some pumpkin this after noon and will add that and broth ( so he gets more liquid) to his supper. Hope that helps.

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

PUMPKIN is a winner in the 'poo' dept .. as is .. metamucil ... anything that'll soften his stools .. poor fella ........

SNOW ............. NO !!!!!!!!! That said .. I KNOW we'll get some .. ahh well .. this IS Canada ~~


Fredericton N B, Canada(Zone 4a)

Here is another picture of the pines out back.Mother nature is pruning them.

Thumbnail by agedgardener
Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Marilyn Never thought about Metamucil - I do have some - not sure if he would drink it but it would make for more liquid which the vet recommended. Have you used it with a dog?( I was taking it ( along with Imodium) after the surgery but I stopped because I didn't think it was worth the trouble! Imodium sure works though!)

Have a little gathering of garden friends ( The Fools) on Sunday and was going to shop tomorrow but figured I better go tonight as they seem to be predicting a lot of snow. I'm doing all the food this time instead of potluck- figured that way whatever was left over was something I would normally eat anyway. Always hard to get people to take home leftover food! Nothing fancy- some cheeses and spread with crackers and french bread, mini quiches, lemon loaf, butter tarts and popcorn, coffee and juice and wine if people want. Just have to make the butter tarts and a crab spread and the popcorn, might do a spicy popcorn instead of plain for a change.


Guess you're not going to be outside with The Fools, Carol - sounds like it's going to be nasty with all the snow! 20cm they say......
Just when we almost got used to it being spring.

Betty - so hard for Ann right now, but I think she's being brave in saying she'd let Mike go without pain rather than making him suffer...... My thoughts are with her and Mike.

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Having an UGgggggggg UGGGGGGGGG UGGGGgggggggg day :-(
One of the young women who did a placement with VCARS when I worked for them (Victims Crisis and Referral Saercie) with the police, passed away in Toronto .. Deanna had been flown there from Thunder Bay with a heart problem .. she was 25 and just a WONDERFUL human being .. had her Honours Bachelor of Social Work and was embarking on a career helping disturbed teens.
She ran a half marathon in Oct. 2010 !!

A good friend (firefighter/paramedic) who worked with Gord has been told his days are numbered .. he has 3 brain tumors .. all inoperable .. glioblastomas.

Gonna sit outside today and enjoy EVERY ray of sunshine, every bird (even the Crows) every deer .. and every breath I take ...

Carol .. my dear friend uses 'psyllium/metamucil' with one of her dogs who has an anal fissure .. she mixes it with the food, but, ensures the dog gets LOTS of water .. works wonderfully well ..

Joy .. we are to get snow starting tomorrow .. spoke with my friend in Calgary a bit ago .. said she thought she had wakened to an APRIL FOOLS joke !!!!




APRIL FOOLS, indeed - about 6" at least, and still coming down. Good day for a blanket and hot chocolate, watching TV or quilting (hmmm hand quilting - can do both!)

Edmonton, AB(Zone 3a)

So far so good here, no snow yet.
Marilynne.... I have taken to counting my blessings and enjoying the little things too. I don't think enough folks do that.
Carol I have found the Benifiber stuff better than the psyllium stuff. It seems to not thicken anything and melts to nothing. Does a great job. With Bailey... do the stitches have a pokey bit that would poke him back in a certain position? The pumpkin sounds like a good idea. I also used to put warm water with a tiny bit of chicken broth on my Thor's dry food and that encouraged him to eat and gave him more moisture. Anyway I'm sure you know all the tricks for looking after him .

Transplanted a bunch of babies today and ran out of soil so off to Revy to get the Pro. Mix. they are the cheapest game in town for it.
Alberta Ann

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