(Zone 5a)

Well, today I broadcasted a ton of marigold seed in the 150 foot long bed that I have going down a lane....dont reckon much of the seed will start, but hey, if it does, it will be a long border of golds there! Some of my seed harvested from last years plants looked a bit puny. time will tell. I have some more to throw in there.

The marigolds will line up with the orange daylilies I got going on in there. I plan to add multi colors of four oclocks again and what ever other annuals I can scronge up.

There are some austrailian willows in the bed so it will be partly sunny and shady. There are some daffs on the border too and pansys already trying to come up through the mulch.

Guess I will have to take a new pic of it. I was also hoping to tuck in some cannas between the trees.. right now picture it where the punkins are and replace those with some dafs... the dafs are not blooming though!

This was last fall at punkin time. the year before I had gorgeous yellow mums in that bed in the fall.

And sow it begns.. all I can hope for is a lot of color!

The seed I tossed in there are seeds from the marigolds that I had last year that did so well and some got to be 5 foot tall.. I dont think they will do 5foot in that bed, the soil is poorer than the pots I had them growing in last year.

(Zone 5a)

Oh yes and we came from here!


Pocono Mountains, PA(Zone 6a)

I thought my African yellow marigolds were big when they got over 1' tall. I can't imagine 5' tall ones.

Several types of marigolds are started, but none have germinated, yet. They always seem to germinate just as I am beginning to give up on them. This year, I thought I would get a head start by starting them inside.

I missed my marigolds last year. They got disturbed when I enlarged my garden. This year, I want to have short red and yellow marigolds and ornamental peppers in the front of my no spray garden and others among the flowers. Assuming the seeds eventually germinate.....

It isn't the seeds fault that I am impatient for spring....

I have a new gardening companion this season - a rescued pug named Winston. His favorite hobby is cooking, but he likes to keep me company wherever I am. He thought raking was a fun game. I rake away the leaves and he has a brand new spot to pee. After tangling with a groundcover rose, he has wisely stayed out of the rose bed. He also marked my wintersowing containers. I hope it deters slugs....

(Zone 5a)

one plant!....

Roswell, NM(Zone 6a)

WOW BB, that's REALLY amazing! And so pretty. Did you save any of those seeds? I've got several varieties of mg's going in this year. I just love them. And tons of many kinds of flower seeds to trade! Three years ago I planted some plants from the store which must have been hybrids. They filled my front bed so beautifully, they were short and the perfect height for where they were but the next year when I planted their seeds, they were taller and the next year, last year, they hardly germinated at all... I only got 6 plants but they were even taller and wider. This year I planted the seeds inside under my lights and have about 10 plants to set out. What is your germination rate? I used to be able to get tons of plants from the seeds but doesn't seem so now with that variety and I don't know what it's called, it wasn't marked... so I bought some seeds this year and have these:
African Discovery Yellow
african tururu
boy yellow
Crackerjack Mix
Disco Red
large french white, saved
large yellow
Nugget Supreme Yellow
Orange Hawaii
Parks Whopper Yellow Marigold
Scarlet Starlet
small yellow, exquisite, saved
solan 250 blms per plant
sparky mix french
Summer Splash
Sweet Mace or Mexican Mint
tashkint french og
Marigold, Desert

Lewisburg, KY(Zone 6a)

Wow, what did you feed that one?

(Zone 5a)

filled the can up with 2/3 premium home grown paso poopy. Topped it off with with som e potting soil.. black dirt king and through out the summer watered it with chicken poo tea. Only a recipe a marigold could love!

Lewisburg, KY(Zone 6a)

Well, it worked! Huge, I sell dls and have a long bed that I put vanilla marigold in every few ft. They are pretty late in the fall when the dls have passed blooming.

(Zone 5a)

dls? Hey Lucy, 'splain yerself!!

Pocono Mountains, PA(Zone 6a)

So that is my problem...I need some chicken poo. I have plenty of dog poo from the neighbor's dog. I picked some up with a plastic bag and hung it on their door knob with a note. Obviously they can't read because there was more of the same yesterday. I have a digital photo of their dog going and of the pile it made....time for them to get fined. (Both the town and the complex fine for not picking up after your dog.)

I have a couple of germinated marigolds finally. They were waiting for warmer weather to germinate. I keep my heat set between 60-65"F in the winter. By this time of year, the light shelf is crowded so anything that can survive outside is outside.

I don't have any plans for today, so I am starting some more annuals. Poor Winston the pug gets frustrated when I play with seeds in the kitchen. He doesn't understand how I could be in the kitchen so long without making any food. Winston enjoys gardening, but prefers cooking.

(Zone 5a)

ROLLING ON THE FLOOR BIG TIME... maybe I ought to do that with the cattle, horse, cat, dog and whatever other poo here.... Some people really need a wallet cleaning. We get a zoo of stays. Had a long horn steer wreak havoc.. Owners just cant seem to keep their pests at home. I always wonder why they stray.. must be the "good" homes they are running aay from.

I put dog poo on my tiger lilies.. it works... I feed Nun Better to our hound.. Love that stuff for our pooch! And the lilies love the poo!

Well Todays Easter.. we will probably play outside catch up on some chores that got delayed by the glorious rains we had!

Pocono Mountains, PA(Zone 6a)

Winston the pug pees on the emerging tiger lilies and hostas - among other things. Want another laugh? My neighbor got such a kick out of little Winston "taking aim" at a shrub that he offered to put car ramps in front of it to make it easier for Winston to reach. (It seems Winston wishes that he were taller - at least while marking shrubs).

I put peanut butter on Winston's vitamins to get him to eat them. He has even learned the words :peanut butter". He is a quick learner when food is involved.

(Zone 5a)


Ozone, AR(Zone 6a)

Its amazing how quick dogs catch on to food words. My term for any treat is goodie.Mine don't care what the treat is they know it'll be something they love. Mine has an iris patch they honor with gifts. LOL
Next week am going to look for more annuals.

(Zone 5a)

LOL! Goodies! in the iris patch! LOL!

I got lucky today....

got some marigolds, dahlias and zinnias...normally $10.14 @ a buck apeice...
God love bargains! They were knocked off cuz of they was a tad nipped by frost... a little crushed and im going.. I will love them and reserrect them no problema! Got 18 flats...

Our dawg is a little retarded.. slow to catch on.. she now knows verbally sit, stay, cookie, out, go potty, laaaay down, group hug, show me your footies, and a few other goodies.. but I will be go to heck if I can teach her to potty break.. I think its a spite thing... she wants more attention and so its an O/OE ( owner/operator error) but if you want to get her to go to bed all you gotta do is give her the finger...pointer finger that is...!

(Zone 5a)

Well, here they are.. not bad eh??! I think I can live with $1 a flat inthis condition!

Ozone, AR(Zone 6a)

Blossum, You did good! Fantastic in fact! :*)

(Zone 5a)

Well...you just have to be at the right place at the right time! Guess thats me! LOL!

Well, we saw corn up in a field not to far from us... DARE i put these in the ground...

I put the dahlias and zins in baskets, but they are portable and can get indoors yet if need be.

So hows your garden there cando? Been hearing horror stories all over... hope your well and good!

We have had some flooding onthe river.. towns a little worried, but where Im at, things are ok. We take the wet as it comes... and goes...and comes and goes if you know what I mean. Been good on the taters! My pansies and daffs have enjoyed the cool and wet.

I think I just might poke a mary in each of my cans that have the reserection lilies going on for now. Then when they die back, least they will not be empty.

So well anyway, welcome aboard. Got a bunch of threads going so strut your stuff!!

(Zone 5a)

Did not get 4 flats of marys planted.. they are in teh GPS holding for better w3eather again.. looks like more raine coming

Ozone, AR(Zone 6a)

It turned cold here again. Lows in the upper 30,s. I left everything outside tho. I bought a hydrangia,some yellow sedum,a couple of butterfly bushes,tomato plants today. Will be busy tomorrow.
We got more rain too. I'm on a mountain so rain drains off to the valley.We missed out on all the really bad weather.
LOL About your dogs. Mine have no problem going out but boy can they pout and ignore me when they think they've been neglected. They've even sat down side by side and stared at me as if to say "And who made you boss?"LOL
Its been so cold here. I'd plant corn later than normal here.But who knows? It may turn to summer over night.
I've got tomatoes out and they are just sitting there,waiting for a little sun and warmth.

(Zone 5a)

Cloudy today.. had to haul all my annuals, or what I could and veggies indoors last nite.. got under 40...

Dont know if I am gonna haul them out today.. looks like rain the next few days again and its chilly. I think they can keep.

tatersare coming up though.

(Zone 5a)

Wow, been since spring since I posted here and its time to harvest marigold heads! The frost got them, I yanked the plants out of the garden, cut the roots off, placed the stems ina big box lined with a a large trash can bag, put the stems upright in the box andleft the stems to dry. They are dryign and now I am gleaning off the heads and putting them in an open tray to dry down even further before storing...

I got a really good deal inthe spring on several flats for $1 that got frosted at the nursery, thought they had enough life to steal them home and well while i did lose quite a few, I got a bunch of plants that survived... Id say I got my moneys worth and now if I get vialble seed for next year I woudl call it a cha-ching!

So anyone here, how did your Marys do?

These are some of my frosted heads at the end of this season! Lotsa seed there!

(Zone 5a)

brought the marigolds IN the house.. some are not dry enough to shuch and others are.. P-U!!

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