Need help in finding tractor part

Harwinton, CT

I've Googled until the cows came home but I cannot find a Sherman backhoe parts list. I specifically need a Packing Nut, P/N 54B326. Can anyone here direct me to the right site?

Lambertville, NJ(Zone 6a)

See if this link gets you anywhere.

From what I gather, this backhoe was made for older model ford tractors such as 8N or 9N. Perhaps if you have some old tractor buffs in your area they could help you out. If not, I belong to a club and we will be meeting on May 1st. I can ask around.

Good luck with your search!

Sparta , TN(Zone 7a)

With no Model No. (#) or the cylinder you have that you need the "Rod End Retaining Nut" for the Bottom End Packing Kit you are asking a question that can not be answered .

Most end cap nuts are heated and removed and unless damage has occurred can be re-used by cleaning and applying RED lock tight liberally to the threads and torquing it (depending on the size of the Nut and Rod anywhere from 300 -600 Foot pounds) """ They MUST BE TORQUED """ to prevent the Cylinder from Failure and ... you know the rest if you are close to the cylinder if that happens .

There should be a company that builds Hydraulic Cylinder in your area . even if you have to go to a tractor Co. to find out where a company is most folks would help you out since they will specialize in their own type of equipment.

if you have more info on the backhoe i am willing to help you find the information you need if you have not found it yet .


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