Recipe for Atol de Haba???

Went to a Guatemalan grocery last week with my daughter in TN. Bought some yummy chocolate and also a package of lima bean atole powder (Mi Guatemala brand containing lima bean, corn and cinnamon) but it has no directions on the package for mixing. The most I can tell is that it's mixed with hot milk and sugar but have no idea about quantities. I would be truly grateful if anyone had a recipe to pass along.

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Cindy, what you have is the instant coffee version of an atol. The atol de habas I know uses fava beans and is a pureed beverage/soup. Sometimes toasted cornmeal is added (a good thing) which really enriches the flavor. The favas (habas) are cooked and then after the favas are peeled they are pureed in their cooking liquid to a thin soup consistency. Salt, cinnamon and sugar are added to taste. Just like coffee, there is not an exact way to make it and can be individualized at service. I like only a hint of sugar.

So, since you are actually making instant atol de habas, I would reconstitute some of the powder in water to the consistency of thin soup. You could use all or part milk, which may be used in Guatemala, but I am not aware of this preparation. Most Hispanic and Latino people did not own cows and this is a very old recipe. I'm not sure milk would be authentic. However, it would be more like those who like their coffee black and those that like it with milk. Those that like their soups creamy and those that like them as a simple broth. There really isn't a simple recipe for this besides a pinch of this or that. Whole cinnamon sticks are part of the bean cooking but since you have a powder you will need to use powdered cinnamon for flavor. I don't think whole sticks will steep long enough in an instant mixture to be noticeable.

Thanks for all of that information! The nutritional information on the package says 2 tbsp per serving so I'm assuming that this would make a cup of the beverage. While the powder does contain some cinnamon, I did look for some cinnamon sticks at the store but not in stock. A rainy weekend and a slight cold will make this a good drink to try.

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Hope you feel better, Cindy. Will you be able to taste the atol? This thread is reminding me of the ton and a half of yerba our youngest son gave me to make mate (that last word needs a diacritical accent I can't make). It's been sitting here for two years. I don't know what he was thinking when he gave me this stuff that's steeped in a gourd and then passed around among friends. I am wary 'cause I can barely handle coffee.

Taste buds are in good shape - just runny nose and scratchy throat, which is making the rounds in my family.
Mate? Nothing like kava kava? DD had a taste of that stuff in Fiji.
After thinking about the milk vs water, it makes sense to use water. I'm up for trying that later tonight. I'm a coffee addict so have to make sure I get my daily dose of caffeine before trying a soothing drink, which will be in-line with being a couch potato tonight after spending all day outside.

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Get well soon, Cindy and I'd love to here what you think of the atol. Good news that you were able to spend the day outdoors. Hopefully getting some gardening done?

Due to the winds yesterday, I had to be content doing odd jobs in the garden rather than cleaning up last fall's leaves. But I did get some winter sown poppies planted out yesterday as the big highlight of the day.
Didn't get a chance to try the atol last night as DH brought me some Mike's Hard Lemonade in pomegranate with blueberry version. But the atol is still on the countertop, ready to be used.

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