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Buffalo, MN(Zone 4a)

I have been looking for an answer to this question and haven't found it. You all seem very knowledgeable-I'll bet someone here knows. My husband and I have both worked all our "quarters" to receive SS (assuming that it's still functioning). DH plans to retire in about 3 years (age 62), I plan to try to work for another 10-12 yrs (age 65-67). My question is, will we both receive our full amount of SS (the amount that comes on the annual statement) or is there a "penalty" for being married and receiving two SS benefits? I mean, would my SS be reduced because DH is already collecting his full benefit?


Oakland, CA(Zone 9b)

No reduction. SS is calculated individually; marital status does not matter unless one spouse is applying for the marital benefit.

SF Bay Area, CA(Zone 9b)

However, if your DH decides to start collecting SS at age 62, he will incur a reduction in his retirement benefits. Retirement benefits reductions occur any time a SS recipient begins collecting benefits prior to his/her full retirement age. Look here for your and your DH's retirement ages and various benefit percentages.

Buffalo, MN(Zone 4a)

Thank you! I'm hoping that as DH gets a little closer to 62 he will decide that he can make it a few more years :)

Buffalo, MN(Zone 4a)

Faeden, I hadn't seen those calculators before-thanks for sharing!

SF Bay Area, CA(Zone 9b)

You're very welcome. Also, as you get closer to 62 you'll begin receiving correspondence from SS which spells out exactly what you will receive at reduced rates as well as full benefits. Very handy to keep, especially if you don't start collecting benefits at 62.

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