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Tropicals & Tender Perennials: Amorphophallus titanum finally makes a move

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May 19, 2011
5:50 AM

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My large A. titanum went dormant last year just at the start of spring. It had been growing a full 12 months, from early spring right around to spring again. Then it went dormant and stayed that way all through summer. Now, after 9 months and just as we're about to go into winter, it's starting to show a sign of growth. I've been digging the tuber out every now and again to check on it. Today I noticed the beginnings of a new shoot. You can see it in the photo, but you need to look hard, LOL.

I've also got a dozen seedlngs that started off in early summer and are about 6 months old now. They'll probably go 12 months like the larger one. Being an equatorial plant they probably don't know what summer and winter are.

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Chicago, IL
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May 19, 2011
7:56 AM

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This is great! It's a pleasure to see that the titans have found a wider distribution. Always a good way to learn about/preserve a species that is notoriously difficult to observe in the wild.

May 19, 2011
9:21 AM

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Their habitat isn't all that far from here, but I think there's not much chance I'll ever get to seeing one in the wild. Will just have to be satisfied with seeing them in "the wilds" of my garden. They are becoming a lot more available these days, although far from common. In fact, a lot more Amorphophallus species are becoming available these days. I've got 8 species already and hope to get a few more shortly.
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May 19, 2011
12:15 PM

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That's so cool! I always have had a weak spot for anything Amorphophallus and other less common Aroids. It's just that here in Chicago it's a bit hard to grow them indoors. I'm focused on Gesneriads and really don't have the room for a larger Aroid. The Chicago Botanic Garden has a titan on display. I was awed to see the species in leaf and I certainly will be back when I get the news that it's getting ready to flower.

May 19, 2011
5:47 PM

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So you're not in a hurry to get a titanum for your house? ;O)

I've got mine outside but I'm tending to put them into pots now. The tree roots are very invasive here, they suck all the nutrient and water out of the ground wherever there are watered plants. The Amorphs grow better/faster without the competition.

Hopefully in the next couple of months I'll be able to add these to my collection:
A. brevispathus
A. excentricus
A. palawanensis
A. tonkinensis

Earlier this year I did an article on my Amorphs, you might find it interesting:
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May 19, 2011
7:30 PM

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Thanks for the info! I'll definitely check it out. Well, and as for the titans... They will remain subject of my dreams.



May 23, 2011
7:25 PM

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Tropic, I will be looking forward to viewing your newest "hopeful" collection of Amorphophallus, where ever you choose to post pictures of them;).

May 24, 2011
5:27 PM

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Bsimpson, there's always smaller growing amorphs you could try.

Rachel, I'm off on holidays now and will be calling in to Cairns where there's a specialist nursery dealing a lot in aroids. They have these amorphs, at the moment. Hopefully they won't be sold out by the time I get there..

August 25, 2011
11:15 PM

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Considering we're going through the coldest winter on record the A. titanum is very brave. It's about 2 weeks ahead of the last time it grew. And that was an average winter. But it's finally broken through the surface now. So the pattern has been to grow for a full 12 months and then a dormancy of 12 months. Don't know if anyone else has had the same experience. I read somewhere that the dormancy can go on for a few years. Glad mine didn't.

My seedlings were first planted in December and are still going well. So I'm now expecting them to go dormant this coming December.

Todays photo of the larger A. titanum emerging.

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February 21, 2012
9:42 AM

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tropic.. has your largest titanum bloomed ? how big is your largest corm??
i am truely grateful for your thoughts,insights on growing amorphs..and especially
i plan to get a larger corm..19#..
?? source for me to get a titanum is tindora .. they have quality corms here in the states..
they dont sell corms in our winter (nove-march) so question.. would there be any thoughts on
me getting (provided they have big one to sell ) .. a titanum corm this spring over waiting for
my understanding on titanum is the corm needs to get around 30# or so before the corm has
enough reserves to bloom and survive..?? is that correct???
ive truely been bit by the amorph bug.. i only have konjac corms.. biggest 4 are in bloom now..
with eariest one now wilting..
hope to see some thoughts,ideas,insights on this..
much thanks..

February 24, 2012
3:37 AM

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Tropicalnut, my largest titanum hasn't flowered yet. I keep thinking it must be close but maybe that's just wishful thinking. Last season it weighed a bit under 1 kilogram. I've heard of tubers flowering at a small size, but the inflorescence is also small, not like those 2 metre giants that are shown off by botanic gardens around the world.

In my view it's probably better to get the tuber at the start of the growing season. Just remember, if you start with a big tuber you'll get a big plant that'll be too difficult to move. Make sure it's somewhere you'll be able to protect it through winter. Of course, if you start smaller that won't be an issue. When it does go dormant give it a couple of weeks at least for all the nutrients to be withdrawn from the leaf and roots into the tuber.

I've only flowered galbra, bulbifer and paeoniifolius. The flowering is usually early in the season and gives the leaf time to replenish the tuber. The longer you can draw out the growing season the larger the tuber you'll get.
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February 24, 2012
8:23 AM

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thanks tropic.. i guess same goes for konjac too.
my 1st flowering flower spike is withering im going to let it go as long
as possible without moisture can go back into corm..
then will pot up..
?? potting mix. ..since from my readings ..seems most sucess comes from actual
potting up..not planting out in garden roots dont have to compete with neighbor
plants.. is that your expericece too??
and to my potting thinking to my mix..(my own made compost,leaf compost,coir,
perlite) adding lava bits (tiny chunks..1/4".) to the mix..for additional drainage..
and seems they may help hold nutrients in soil some..
i have the amorph bug..LOL :) so i plan to start adding some titanum corms to my
your recommendation of starting with smaller corm..sounds like good advice..
i see smaller corms .. 4-8# corms up for sale fairly often.. rather go in deep on a
big one .. plus..if i mess up..i wont be out all that $$$ with 1st try..
good advice..thanks..

February 25, 2012
8:46 PM

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Tropicalnut, I've been advising planting in pots to avoid competing roots from other plants for years now:

A good sandy soil with a lot of organic matter is my choice for potting mix. And then regular doses of a balanced fertiliser.
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March 11, 2012
9:14 AM

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thanks again tropic!! i have my 3 biggest konjac potted up now.. :)
in fact the flower spikes have all stopped withering..?? im guessing they are taking in
some of the little moisture in the soil in the pots..??? and slowing down the withering..??
im thinking this isnt a bad thing..?? that the corm is now taking in moisture/nutrients?? which
would be good for it to rejuivinate???
i used a good draining soil mix tropicbreeze..
my own compost,leaf compost,coir,alot of perlite,little addition of bat guano, and 3+ inches of
crushed lava rock on bottom..
btw tropicbreeze..hows your titanum doing??
theres a couple on ebay i see for sale.. so tempted to buy..LOL
i thought bananas,EE,other tropicals were addictive..LOL
now i have the amorph bug ...:)

March 12, 2012
2:40 PM

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My large titanum went for an early dormancy. I think it was the wind damage and also from a branch falling on it. It's still in the pot but I'll take it out later and see how it's looking. I'm going to set it up in my shade house next time where nothing can fall on it and the wind doesn't get through. That'll also help to keep humidity higher during the dry season.

The 3 small titanums are still going, after 15.5 months.Thought they'd go dormant at 12 months but they're still looking as healthy as ever.
Provo, UT
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March 23, 2012
7:44 PM

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i guess thats one thing specific about titanum.. no real pattern in its cycle..?? is that correct..
it doesnt flower every yr..
im guessing it does put out vegetative stalk every yr.. but it doesnt last for any predictable time..
and can and does go into dormancy for whatever it gets into its head to do??? :)
i got to try this one.. lol
havent seen any on ebay for a week now..
i would like to get a "larger" corm.. so i held off from ones listed lately...
love your pics tropic ..of native amorphs growing in wild..
much thanks from your looks like about the soil??
lots of leaf litter mixed into soil??

March 27, 2012
11:55 PM

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I'm not counting this year because of the damage that occured to the plant. It should have been tied to supports, I knew it was vulnerable to wind. When it was blown over (plant, not the pot) it broke some of the outer wall of the stem allowing insects to get in. Then a branch came down and broke off a third of the petiole. The insects munched their way down inside the stem and finally the plant gave up. But the tuber is still there, plus a small one. Whatever happened, a small part of the tuber came away from the main part so now I have 2 out of it. It was a disasterous year for it but it looks like I may have 2 plants out of it now. Have to wait until they start growing again. I poured a lot of fungicide over it for protection and it seems to have worked so far.

Last weekend I put the lot into the shadehouse. Means less wind, higher humidity, and no falling branches. Only thing is, with the height of the pot, the plant won't have enough 'head room'. I might have to build an extension above the existing roof. If I just cut a hole in the roof I'm back to the problem of falling branches.

Flowering with these I understand isn't annual, even in habitat. In fact I've read that dormancy can be from 1 year to 3 years. Mine was 1 year last time, died off early September, then commenced growing again early September.

Those native paeoniifolius (in my photos) were on the banks of a river (the outer banks, a lot of the rivers have multiple banks for different levels of flood). The soil was a sandy silt. Because it's a slope the organic matter doesn't built up so much, but there was still some there. The tree canopy was no more than about 70%, so not dense. I have a lot of them under denser canopy at my place. In full sun they tend to be a lot shorter and appear a bit stressed. In some places along the river they go under flood water for a few days at a time. The leaves get layers of silt on them but subsequent rains wash them clean. It doesn't harm them at all, probably benefits them.
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August 18, 2012
4:26 PM

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much thanks tropic..
i got a nice 15# titanum..has fantastic roots..and 15" far.. i have it in a 22" pot
?? with titanum..and im guessing same for the "tropical" amorphs that flowering isnt "regular"
also dormancy can be guessing that a longer dormancy might happen with a larger corm..and after
?? with titanum,maybe so with other "tropical" amorphs.. can their growing time,putting out vegetative growth
be geared to my growing season (may-oct).or do the corms just do what they want?
i was wondering if after a couple seasons i could get my titanums to "grow" in my growing season??
i really..really love these plants !!! :)
much thanks..
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

August 27, 2012
8:48 AM

Post #9255407

u all that grow various amorphs..??
how does the titanum compare as fast grower to others?? konjac,paeoniifolius..etc..
last yr my konjac vegetative spikes on biggest corms were very fast growers..
my titanum spike has doubled since i got it.. 2 weeks ago..currently 21" i originally had it in
spot that got ALOT of sun.. to much light its in spot now that gets morning sun..then some sun
after 2pm..
i "think" im good for place to keep the titanums for couple yrs.. largest one.. i will need to get creative
in winter '04.. it could be flowering size..if growth goes as tindara orchids promotes.. possible doubling
every growth cycle..?? but i'll need greenhouse 14 ft tall in winter 2004 to accomodate ..
of course..i could just move and join tropic in auzzie :) you can keep them outside all yr ..??
cant u??
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

August 31, 2012
10:58 AM

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took few pics of biggest titanum..
its in a 15 gallon pot..i think.. its 20" across..
vegy spike measures 24 in above the soil today.. lately its
been growing 2 + inches a day..
small potted amorphs are amorph hewitii ..they are in
1 gal pots

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August 31, 2012
11:02 AM

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this is a backed up pic of same titanum..i tried to
post 3 pics..maybe was to much loading??

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August 31, 2012
11:03 AM

Post #9260507 not very good at this..LOL this is a "close up:"
pic of the titanum.. i hope..LOL :)

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September 10, 2012
6:17 PM

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havent had much more height to petiole..but its really fattening up..
today..its showing the leaf probably will get the leaf emerging soon..
:) fun fun..
Provo, UT
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September 13, 2012
3:06 PM

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heres where its at today.. im guessing leaf will be out
of petiole next week.. yea!!
anyways heres some pics ..

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September 27, 2012
7:15 PM

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and this is the monster as of the other day..
its 52 in above the soil..the petiole is just over 4 1/2 in diameter..
its grown so much ..
the sacks on the soil are corn bags..helps keep soil
85F days.. 74 F nites

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October 1, 2012
7:05 PM

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i think im growing a monster here..
the titanum is now 60 in tall above the soil now..
and seems to be a tiny plantlet/seedling come up from
the base of the petiole(stem)..
is that normal??
i "think" im going to be ok this season.. height on the plant..
lol.. i "think".. :)
if it doesnt get over 8 good..
next season.. mmm.. im going to have to put up a greenhouse..
i so want to see if i can get this to bloom.. how cool that would be!!!!!
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October 18, 2012
11:57 AM

Post #9308978

heres the monster as of today.. only dropped a couple inches with the
leaf spreading out..
love these amorphs.. got to put up a greenhouse..or even thought of
renting one.. mmmm

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October 19, 2012
4:19 PM

Post #9309995

Awesome plant! Good job!
Provo, UT
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October 24, 2012
7:01 PM

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thanks tommy.. i am so tempted to get a HUGE corm..but..i just dont know
if i can swing it with height of plant..till i get a greenhouse up..
earliest would be may next yr..
i know titanums can go into long dormancies.. 12+ months..
and as tropicbreeze says.. vegetative stage can be as long.. but
sounds like usually not as long as dormancy..
my 15 lb corm got just over 6 ft tall.. before the leaves spread out..
so.. how tall could a well grown 35 lb corm get???
i think ive got a system going well in the house.. heat,humidity,light..
its height.. LOL
what we do for these plants we love...
if i could put the vegetative growing plant out may -sept.. then id be ok..
i dont think i can count on the corm cooperating with this.. ????
thouhgts??? thanks...
Provo, UT
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November 8, 2012
5:23 PM

Post #9328324

titanum is still going good..yea.. i take it outside on sunny warm days..
dont think many "warm" days going to be happening much more..sigh...
i have a sprout comming up now..?? is this "typical" of titanum??
should i let it just do its thing..i dont think i should dig down and try to find
where its comming from on the corm..i dont want to do any damage to the corm
what do u all think?? right now its just a sprout..maybe 2 inches tall..
reading from u all with titanums .. they can/do stay in vegetative stage for anything
from several even a year..???
thanks all !!!!!!!!!!!
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

December 7, 2012
6:04 PM

Post #9352618

sigh.. i have sad news to report..
my wonderful titanum has bit the dust..
ok..?? what the $$(%(#(%^ did i do???
the plant looked like it was going into dormancy.. but..
the vegetative growth just separated from the corm..
i had suspecions. so i unpotted it..and.. sigh.. the corm was rotted
almost completely..
??? that was an expensive experiment.. sigh..not giving up..but i think i
need to learn something here..
im wondering if i watered it to much.. i usually underwater all my plants..
im stingy..LOL.. so with the titanum..i kept the soil.. moist..not dripping..
also..i wonder if my soil was a problem too..
i used alot (30+%) of perlite.. but..i didnt use anything on the bottom of the
pot..for extra drainage..
??? what do ya all think.. i was so pissed at myself.. guess still am ..
again..not giving up..but.. i need to learn more before i put out $100s on another
big corm..
thanks.. HELP.. :)
Poughkeepsie, NY
(Zone 6a)

December 8, 2012
8:43 AM

Post #9352975

Hmmm, sorry to hear about that. You don't need anything on the bottom for drainage. Maybe use equal parts of perlite next time. I use a 50/50 mix. I'm not growing any Titaniums though, just Konjacs.
Provo, UT
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December 8, 2012
4:13 PM

Post #9353240

ya..i am sort of still pissed at myself..
good advice tommy.. im not positive it was overwatering..but the soil
was very wet.. sigh..
how are your konjac doing so far??
mine are on shelves in basement.. last yr..a couple of them started to
shoot up early.. always interesting to see what a new grow season brings..
Poughkeepsie, NY
(Zone 6a)

December 9, 2012
5:48 AM

Post #9353499

Mine are fine, just sitting on shelves. If you can keep them cool they'll stay dormant a big longer. Near the floor is usually the coolest place. Mine are in a spare bedroom with temps in the low 60's but cooler near the floor.
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

December 22, 2012
8:05 PM

Post #9365142

hope everyone has wonderful holidays !!!!
my konjac and overwintering species..are doing good..
ive started the search for BIG pots for next growing season..
one thing im thinking on with all my amorphs.. wondering if anyone
else has given it much thought.. the extent of heat the corms are
exposed to..???
ive read from one poster (lives in tucson,AZ) and the extreme summer
heat he gets ..
for me im thinking of using heat cables under pots at the start of the
growing season.. late april..thru may.. after that we heat up pretty good..
but just to give an early start of heat to the corms..??? thoughts??
with my titanum,and hewetti i was thinking of using soil heat cable with
thermostat actually in the pots..the big ones at least.. to keep the soil temp
85 F.. at the start of april into may.. ??? what do ya all think???
am i nuts?? other thing ive wondered about..with all my amorphs.. i wondered
if last yr..i exposed some of the pots to to much heat... i think i gave some of
my amorphs to much sun exposure..????
much thanks.. cant wait for spring... LOL

December 28, 2012
6:10 AM

Post #9368886

Just thought I'd show the current set up of my titanums. Last year my large one had a run of bad luck. First the wind blew it over bending the petiole at right angles (ouch!). Later a branch fell out of a tree breaking off about a third of the leaf. Insects then got into the break in the petiole and ate out the centre. Then a fungus got in and started rotting out the centre. Small wonder that after only 3 months of growth the plant gave up.

I dug out the tuber, cleaned it up and soaked it in some fungicide. Put it back in the soil for the remainder of what should have been its growing season.

For protection I put the pot in the shade house and put the 2 small titanums in with it. One of the smaller ones went dormant after growing for 2 years. But it came out of dormancy after only a couple of months or less. The other smaller one has been growing continuously for 3 years, since it emerged from the seed.

When the larger plant started to come out of dormancy I realised it was going to be too tall for inside the shade house. So I set up a bamboo framework behind the shade house (northern side) where the plant would be sheltered from the predominant wind, south easterly in the dry season. The tree over the frame and shade house is a very large Poinciana, Delonix regia. It doesn't drop large branches so the bamboo frame will protect the titanums.

In the photo below, the titanum's pot is raised up to stop tree roots invading. The palm frond was to shield the young titanums from the sun, but now the Poinciana has leafed up and is giving good filtered shade, so the palm frond can go.

If the older plant goes according past practices it should keep growing throughout the summer and winter before going dormant again. Hopefully this time there won't be any set back and the tuber will gain a lot more size. Last season with all the accidents it actually shrunk. The smaller ones I need to re-pot, during dormancy of course, whenever that might happen.

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December 28, 2012
2:38 PM

Post #9369286

great set up tropic..:) i hope you have better luck this yr..and it get
big enough so you get a bloom off the big one !!!
i appreciate your and others advice on growing these facinating plants..
my small hewetti are going good.. largest one is almost 1ft tall now..
if/when it goes dormant..i will unpot and put in bigger pot.. and see what
kind of corm it has growing..
almost like christmas..LOL
Poughkeepsie, NY
(Zone 6a)

December 28, 2012
5:05 PM

Post #9369400

Wish *I* had a place to grow Titanums. Alas, I have to live through those that do. It's alright, I love my Konjacs!

Happy New year to all!


Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

December 28, 2012
6:47 PM

Post #9369465

i admire your sucess with konjac tom... ive gleaned so much from
you ..:) much thanks.. i hope this next growing season..i care for my
konjac so the corms put on some nice size !!!
im keeping look out for BIG plant pots. .. so i can pot up my larger ones
in good sized pots..
i wasnt pleased with results of my amorphs i planted into soil..
happy new year to you tom !!!!!
Poughkeepsie, NY
(Zone 6a)

December 29, 2012
5:11 AM

Post #9369631

Same to you Trop and all on the forums!
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

January 17, 2013
5:14 PM

Post #9388581

TB?? do you add any granular fungicide.. biological fungicide to
your potting mix ? especially with titanum?
there are several professional potting mixes here in US that seem to be
im not going to use my own mix anymore with titanum..sigh..there is one
premiere promix BX that has a fungicide in the mix..also some good ones
out there i was thinking of adding Trichoderma inoculant to..
i know u have said u used fungicide when bugs got at the corms..wondered
if u used any just as a preventive in the soil..?? anxious to get gardening again !!!! LOL

January 18, 2013
3:36 AM

Post #9388883

Dave, I'm copying and pasting what I emailed you about the fungicide I use (to save re-writing it again). I just put it through the soil before planting the tuber.

I put fungicide through the soil before repotting my tubers. I let it soak in for a day or so, then wash through with clean water. The product I use was recommended to me by the titanum grower I bought my first one off. It's called Fongarid, possibly sold under another name where you are. The active constituent is 250g/kg furalaxyl. If you want to see the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for it look up:
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

January 18, 2013
2:14 PM

Post #9389468

thanks sorry i didnt go to your original posting..
sigh,, my bad..
seems with these tropical amorphs they need extra help fending off
attacks ..
we have to do what we can to keep them going !!! :)
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

February 27, 2013
5:22 PM

Post #9434060

one of my small titanums is sending up next plant..
guess im doing something right..with the small ones..LOL
midsized one ( 1 1/2 in) is just comming out of dormancy..
my biggest hewettii 10in above the pot..has been going gangbusters
now for 7 months now.. this is the 2nd vegetative growth in that time..
petiole has put on alittle girth in last 2 months.. guess thats good..
i wouldnt mind if it went dormant for like to see how big
the corm is on it.. and repot it.. im not really happy with the potting mix
i put it in..
it gets sun from south facing big window..its indirect light.. but i bet it
could go for alittle more light.. leaves look great.i might put it under lights
if i get another petiole up again..
hope all is going well for u all's titanums !!!!!!!!!!!!

March 1, 2013
1:59 AM

Post #9435133

My small titanum that hasn't been dormant since "birth" is determined to stay awake. Last year it had 3 leaves at one stage and finally ended the year with only one. But now it's developing a new one so I guess the old one will drop off soon.

I took 2 leaf cuttings last year and one withered after a while but the other is still going, although not looking the healthiest specimen. But it must have formed a tuber to be still alive so I'm assuming I have another plant. Hopefully more will strike for me later so there'll be enough plants to start trying some direct in the garden. I've been warned that there are nematodes in the soil here, nematodes just love A. titanum.

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March 1, 2013
6:30 AM

Post #9435291

good luck tropic on your newbies showing up.. :)
im playing it safe with my titanums anymore.. im not going to loose
any big corms again.. hopefully..
i see from your pic ..looks to me you use alot of bark in your potting
mix.. is that right?
ive modified my potting mix with amorphs from last yr..
i think that was some of my problem with my biggest titanum..and its
my largest hewetti that has been going strong since..i think just
now starting to die back.. its certainly a learning experience with these
amorphs.. love that part..
there is some good literature on keeping them..but i think its the
amateurs out there that get the info out on how to sucessfully grow these
facinating plants..

March 13, 2013
7:41 PM

Post #9448528

Yeah, talking about A titanum AND Hippeastrums on a Konjac thread, LOL.

My "baby" that refuses to go to sleep (at least it's not keeping me awake) is pushing on with that new leaf. The old leaf is looking a bit mottley. The leaflet I planted as a 'cutting" is dying off but has a small bulblet at the base, about the size of a garden pea. That's much smaller than a normal titanum seed, but at least it's there. I'll try a couple more later, although we're in the winding down period of the wet season now.

The mix in the pot (previous photo) is getting a bit old. I didn't get around to changing it last time. The bottom of the pot has lumps of limestone and coarse material, and further up it's more ordinary organic potting mix. I'd read that titanums in Sumatra are often growing in leaf litter on top of limestone. So I thought I'd try to emulate that situation. Seems to be good. But of course the big plant has managed to get through about 6 months without wind damage or the "sky falling on its head". That's a change from last year.

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Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

March 14, 2013
3:36 PM

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very cool newbie plant tropic...
my potting mix this yr for most of my tropicals(not planted out
in the gardens) is going to be around
60% ... shredded bark
20% ... pumice
20 % ... peat moss
or close to that..
im figuring i will be watering more.. im good with that..
but i wont have the water retention in the pots.. no perched water
down at bottom of pots.. and the bark is a good nematode deterant..
so ive read..??? i'll find out..
im taking your advice tropic..and going to use a fungicide
on the titanums..
my hewetti's arent of any major size yet..not sure if they suffer similarly
as titanum...
looking foward to this growing season.. hope to get many of my amorphs
to really big sizes.. hope..hope...

March 20, 2013
11:44 PM

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The new leaf on the small titanum is just about ready to start unfurling. It's not much taller than the existing one but the petiole is much thicker. Maybe by the time it's unfurled it'll be a lot bigger.

The "leaf cutting" has withered completely. Still haven't checked on the tiny tuber it had before. Thought it better to let it come up without any interference.

March 31, 2013
6:03 AM

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The new leaf on the small plant today.

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Virginia Beach, VA

April 26, 2013
3:02 AM

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I just added this forum to my list of favoites and I am lost in the different lingos in this forum. i googled konjac and it is tons of different plants. Where can in this forum can I read the differences.

Pardon my ignorance!!!
Provo, UT
(Zone 5a)

April 26, 2013
7:20 AM

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were all new to this at some time belle..
im a newbie of only a
welcome..and hope you post your sucesses here..with pics!!! :)
tropicbreeze has been great help to me.. also NY..has been
growing amorph konjac for along time..and is a wealth of knowledge... is a great source on all the many species..
if your looking for a titanum..tindara orchids is probably the best
in the US..
a guy in poland,sells out of his greenhouse in scotland is a good
source in euope..
ebay has alot of amorphs show up for auction/sale
tropic would know of good sources in south pacific area..
my personal take.. i love growing alot of tropicals..and i live in utah..
without a greenhouse.. so far.. :)
the amorphs are really a facinating plant.. i dont think any are what i would
call "difficult" to grow.. the "tropicals" need more tropical conditions to do well
and they are the giants of the need eventually for large spaces
to keep them..
there are alot of small to medium growing amorphs..
konjac i think is a very easy to grow amorph.and a good amorph to start
warning..**** amorphs are addictive.. you start with a few..and POW..
you will be hooked..and want more.. ***
:) good luck belle..and hope ya keep us posted on what youre growing..

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