I need advice on seedlings

Gainesville, GA(Zone 8a)

I started my 'Marvelous Marble' heuchera by seed for the second year in a row. I wintersowed them last year and didn't get a single plant. This year I started them in my greenhouse and they're doing fine, just slow going. They're out in dappled morning sunlight now. When they're seedlings are they usually slow starters, they're still so small? Should I put them in more sunlight? When should I put them in bigger pots or put them in a 'nursery bed'? I don't want to mess them up, I LOVE heucheras and want to learn how to handle them properly. Thank you for any help you can give in advance. If I need to put a picture of them on here let me know and I'll try to do that tomorrow.

Stamford, CT(Zone 6b)

In my experience, the little guys are very slow growers. I bring them inside for the winter. When I bring any Heuchera indoors during the winter, they don't do much, but as soon as I put them outside with their friends in March, they flourish.

Every Heuchera I have that started small took a long time (2 years at least) to become strong.

I keep most of mine in containers so it is easy to move them around. Your Georgia weather might be a little different.


Gainesville, GA(Zone 8a)

Thanks Cathy, and I think I'm going to take your advice, it's the same as what Pirl said. So I didn't do anything wrong so far. They look healthy, just so small...but already beautiful!

Lake Stevens, WA

You might have seen these but these are my seedlings. Planted last fall in the greenhouse. Still not very big. I collected seed from my Heuchera. Tons of variation.
I could collect seed again from mine and send for postage later. Only if you are very interested as it takes lots of time to get most of the chaff out of the seed.

Thumbnail by springcolor


Love the colors. Which heuch did they come from or did they come from multiple heuchs?

Lake Stevens, WA

About 8 -10 different ones.

Interesting. I may give it a try. Do you remember how long germination of the seeds took?

Lake Stevens, WA

Not long but I couldn't give you a time frame. The seeds are very small. I thought I didn't have many but the flat they germinated in was covered. Ended up with about 15 flats of seedlings.


I have traded heuch seeds in the past and I have found that an empty plastic spice container with the removeable top that has holes works well to separate the seed from the chaff.

Lake Stevens, WA

I'll try that. I used some window screen.

Riceville, TN

I'm just now getting interested in heucheras since I've made a new bed in partial shade. Could you give me some suggestions about which ones grow the tallest? I'll appreciate any guidance you can give me.


Lake Stevens, WA

Most of the heucheras on the market are about the same height. However they do have different sized leaves. There is a new one out called 'big top gold' that is taller. Looks very much like caramel. In the next year or two you will start seeing mini heuchera from Terra Nova Nursery.

I would love to see some minis.

DD - the only time I really see any height to my heuchera is when they have their flower scapes.

(Clint) Medina, TN(Zone 7b)

I think I'll collect seeds from all of mine. Thanks for the inspiration. I wonder if they ever reseed on their own? So far it hasn't happened. How soon after collecting the seeds can you plant them.

Lake Stevens, WA

I used an organza bag on the flower head to catch the seeds. An old nylon would work too. I collected seeds in summer and planted around Dec. or Jan.

Galien, MI

I was just reading that these are heavy feeders at this stage of spring. I'm guessing they don't like that level of fertilizer. Slow release is not for them right now. Under the right conditions, they should be doubling in size over the next 2 months. This happened to a grower I know.

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