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Hot compost tumbler?

Port Townsend, WA

I think there are types of manure that should be heated up to 140 degrees. Not a job for worms.
I tried wood saw chips and nitrogen to heat up my compost barrels but it never got enough air. So I may have to build a tumbler.

Has anyone got pictures of a tumbler that is very aerated and uses a bicycle chain and gears to turn it by hand? I need a large container.

Long Beach, CA

How big of a bin do you need? I made a tumbler out of a used barrel I asked for at the car wash. It tumbles and is large.

Helena, MT

I recently saw a couple of threads from another vermicomposting web site, and it's free. One was constructed using two five gallon buckets, some duct fittings, and 1/4-inch screen, and the other from a 30 gallon Rubbermaid bucket, PVC piping and some screws. Tracy the young lady who put this together is quite inventive. Lots of good picks to go with it.



I don't know enough about these units to critique them, but I plan to build the later next year and see how it works. Apparently Tracy is working on a third design as well to come out next year.

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