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Planting bulbs upside down

Rochester, MN

I'm a newbie to posting here, but not a newbie to glads. My parents raised 20 acres of glads when I was growing up. We had a mechanical planted that dropped the bulbs into the furrows and then covered them up. There was no way to determine how the bulbs faced.

Up til now it seems the common thought here is that bulbs need to be planted with the eye up. This isn't the case. Bulbs can be planted in any direction. Being planted upside down will not prevent them from growing or diminish the size of the flowers.

People could benefit from planting bulbs in different directions because the ones facing sideways and upside down will take longer to develop. Creating more varied bloom times.

Cedar Bluff, AL(Zone 7b)

I found your post about planting the glads very interesting -- makes sense. I just love glads and grow them in remembrance of my daddy who grew them and who taught me to grow plants and veggies and love gardening. I have started the first glad bed I've been able to have in a number of years, only have a few, but am very proud of every one. They are one of the most beautiful flowers.

Do you have any bulbs you would like to trade?

I finally have room to grow and landscape and have gone wild!!!

Florida girl in north Alabama makin it!!!

Have A Grateful Day,


Thumbnail by Suny_Freebird
Cedar Bluff, AL(Zone 7b)

Here is another picture of my glads!!


Thumbnail by Suny_Freebird
Rochester, MN

Hi Suny,
Sorry no bulbs to trade. Truth be told I don't have glads in my garden. The things I remember about glads kind of different. I remember them in long rows. Some of the leaves straight and pointed up to the sky, others wide and arching, and made me think of pineapple plants. Other kids I went to school with 'lettered' in sports, I 'lettered' in weeding. :) My row plus 50' of the person closest behind me. Knowing which weeds you could pull by the stem and which ones you had to wrap around with your finger. Knowing how to pull a thistles without getting stuck. Being outside so much, you could tell by 8AM whether it was going to rain or not later in the day by looking at the sky. The things I remember, most people never see. Kind of like being able to tell if a baby is crying for milk or water, or to have their diaper changed.

San Diego, CA

Those bulbs can figure out which way to grow themselves. They are that smart! I will try to plant some bulbs pointy side down and see how it works.

It must be nice to grow up in a farm being so close to nature and earth as a kid.

Rochester, MN

It was nicer than the 4 months I spent in San Diego. Sir Yes Sir! :)

Mix them up when you plant the new batch. It will give you longer times blooming.

(Mary) Anchorage, AK(Zone 4b)

NiceGuy2; Pendleton???

Solingen, Germany(Zone 7a)

I planted my very first Gladiolas in April, strictly upright LOL! - and I would never have considered to spread the production of flowers over time. For me, all bulbous flowers - and Flowers from Iridaceae corms too - are Herd Animals *g*. I planted as indicated elsewhere, "Mon Amour" and "Priscilla". Now, irony of fate is, that they will not bloom at the same time even thoufgh :( The height of the flower SPIKES within the leaf fan, TACTUALLY determined (yes we can do that) is still very low in "Mon Amour" and considerably varies in "Priscilla", from 15 to 30 cm. I am excited!
Suny, I assume that your picture above actually shows "Priscilla". This hybrid is obviously very vigorous, the leaves (6 to 7) are vey broad and stand rather strictly upright. The foliage of "Mon Amour" is much weaker and it tends to bend down, that I do not appreciate this.

Rochester, MN

mstella, no just bootcamp @ MCRD. After that it was Cherry Point North Carolina. I was a prop mechanic for C-130's.

(Mary) Anchorage, AK(Zone 4b)

Oh. My son was mechanic on Blackhawks while in the reserves, and now is a contractor running the maintenance computers for the whirlybirds at Wheeler on Oahu. He deploys with the unit to Afganistan Jan 2, unless Obama's withdrawal cancels that.

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