Hypertufa rock

Rensselaer, IN

I did these hypertufa projects two years ago, but just now learned to post pictures.
I'm planning more projects this summer....It's so easy and I just love the results.

I thought the rocks aged nicely. My recipe was 1 part perlite; 1part portland; 1 part peat moss.

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Rensselaer, IN

This was fun.

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Rensselaer, IN

one more

Thumbnail by sab66
Cave Creek, AZ(Zone 9b)

these look great!
...they all handled the winters without incident I take it.

Dover AFB, DE(Zone 7a)

2 years and looking good! Must be the perfect recipe.

Rensselaer, IN

I forgot to add that I did experiment with paint. I had tubes and bottles of acrylic paint left over from other projects. I added paint to the water before adding it to the dry mixture. I used all colors to get different shades for each rock. Also, I used the plastic bag trick...2 shopping bags gave nice wrinkles. Placed each in it's bag along the edge of the walk, and removed the bag in a couple of days. If I used the paint in a container or pot, it would hold water...good for a bird bath but not if I wanted the pot to drain naturally.
Thanks for all the info learned on this site ;) Sharon

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