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SOLVED: What type Dendrobium am I? #1

Victoria, TX(Zone 9b)

Jennifer just got me yesterday! Problem is, I'm potted in some weird 'piece of a tree' concoction. weird stuff... so Can you please help her figure out exactly which type of Dendrobium I am, so she'll pot me up right, and take real good care of me? :) There are two pictures of me to sit tight... :) Thanks!

-The happy little 'dend'

Thumbnail by AngelSong

Hi there THLD,

You are a Phal type Den. With two spikes!!!!!! There are a zillion hybrids so without a tag That is as far as you can get for a name.

Can't wait to see the mystery tree stuff in the pot.

Here are some pictures of similar plants

Vancouver, BC(Zone 7a)

Is there a trick to where you cut dendrobium when the blooms fade (as with phals?) I bought one in full bloom, -bingo 10 days all flowers gone brown and dry. I'm trying
to recoup my loss.

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