Marigold Discussion

(Doug) Murfreesboro, TN

Here is a marigold that has sprung up in my lawn. I also have others that I started from saved seed that are similar to it. Who can inform me about marigold varities and cultivation? Let's discuss it.

Thumbnail by Cibarius
Garner, NC(Zone 7b)

Pretty, Doug. I'm sure there are many who know more about marigold varieties than I, however I love them all the same. I use them in my regular garden beds, but also use them in and around my veggie garden as companion plants. They look great there, but also are supposed to help as deterrents for insects, etc. Bunnies and deer don't seem to nibble them either.
Funny thing. I had tons of them coming up all in the back of the garden. Turns out the dh broke open the seed heads and spread them all over. Guess I don't really need to spring sow them in pots anymore.

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