cheap/no cost note paper

Crozet, VA

I save all my junk mail and other envelopes to go through for shredding to send to compost. Sometimes I get behind and have quite a pile to do at one time. A few months ago I began saving the backs of solid/no print envelopes to keep in a jar on my counter to jot down lists on. It saves me having to use note book paper or typing paper which are too large anyway and wasteful unless the sheet is quartered or something. It does take a bit of time to tear the backs of the envelopes off but I am tearing the celophane windows off already, so an added step to the process doesn't bother me.

If anyone is tired of buying note paper pads, this might be something you may want to try doing.

I am also conserving and pleasing myself at the same time when preparing kool aid for my grandchildren who are here quite often in the afternoons. I have been buying apple juice in a quart jug for some months to have for the baby and have found the empty jug is perfect for mixing up a package of koolaid. I like it for one reason better than making it in a pitcher because I can add the sugar and mix, a bit of water to the jug and shake it really well after putting the lid on it and it mixes better than it does when stirring in a pitcher with a spoon. After it is mixed well I finish filling it with water and viola.....yummy kool aid.

Neither of these are really biggies, but the way I look at it, every penny saved is good.


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