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Two Favorite Weeding tools

Big Flats, NY(Zone 5b)

Hi, I just saw and read your "favorite weeding tool" segment. I certainly agree that the Cape Cod Weeder is a must have. I also would not want to be without a scuffle hoe, perhaps you call them an action hoe or stirrup hoe. Regardless this hoe has an articulated blade shaped like a stirrup. It is great for a longer distance hoeing needs due to not likely cutting of plants you want and it can be either pushed or pullled.
I have an another equally valuable tool to suggest, a coarse file to sharpen you weeding tools with. It would be a real service to make a video of how simple and painless it is to keep your weeders sharp. I bet over my last 40 years of gardening I have introduced many gardeners to the scuffle hoe and they have told others. It is now widely used around here. Lee Sherwood McDonald

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