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Free Phone and Minutes!

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

Has anyone heard of Safelinkwireless.com? Apparently it's Tracfone's answer to the economical crisis. You get a free phone with free minutes. You can qualify by either your income OR by being enrolled in Medicaid or some other govt aid programs. For instance, if you are single with an income of $14,702 or less, you can get a free phone and minutes.

They have three plans to choose from. The third plan gives you 250 minutes monthly BUT the minutes don't roll over. Whatever you don't use by the end of the month is wiped away when your new 250 minutes are added.

The other two plans give less minutes monthly (68 or 125) BUT they DO rollover from month to month.

You also get long distance, voicemal, texting, 411 directory assistance and 911 service.

I just completed the simple online application. So now all I have to do is send in a copy of my income tax return and wait for my phone.

So if you need a cell phone but can't afford one, perhaps with this program you CAN. And if you want additional minutes, you can buy a tracfone airtime card anywhere and add those minutes to your Safelink phone. Even if you rarely need a cell phone, they're great to have when you're on the road. You never know when you might need one. And who can argue with FREE??


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