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Crestview, FL

I have two of the Park's seed starter kits, the bio dome type, I used coconut coir seed starter brick as my medium for starting the seeds in. I planted in the two styrofoam trays (60 spots per tray), some mustard greens, some collards, some broccoli, some cauliflower, some cabbage, some spinach and some brussel sprouts. In both kits, which I only planted up Friday the 12th of August and my collards and mustard greens have already sprouted, but the rest haven't, so I opened up the slidie things over the tops of them to let in air to circulate. Did I mess up seed starting all of them together in one tray? There are heating mats underneath them, should I leave it as is with the vents above the startings that have germinated open, or should I move the whole tray to the flourescent lights?

Galesburg, IL

I'd recommend moving all of them to the lights and leave the heating mats off. All of those seeds are cool germinators and don't need the heat. Keep the vents open to provide air movement. If some of the cells start to dry out before germination, water the cells individually. The cole crops and spinach should all germinate within a week, so you shouldn't have any problems. Just keep giving them as much light as possible. The cole crops in particular will get incredibly leggy with warm temperatures and low light. I have some broccoli and cauliflower I germinated for a fall crop last week and I have them in full sun all day long now that the heat wave in the Midwest has subsided (highs in the low 80's and lows around 60 for the last week)

Crestview, FL

Thanks, I did move them all under the lights and left the heating mat undenreath them also, so hoping they sprout, if they don't then I have learned my lesson and the 1st of Sept will start a tray of just brussel sprouts and another tray of just spinach.

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