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canning lima or butter beans Help

Shirley, IN

I have lima beans in my garden about ready to harvest. I have never grown them before so am not sure if the are ripe or not they are white in green pods . I would like to can them as butter beans like i buy in the store . I dont know what to do after i pick them ,do I need to let them dry or soak them and do they have to be canned very soon after they are picked. any advice would be so helpfull.

Cedarhome, WA(Zone 8b)

Per my old Ball Blue Book, shell tender young beans, wash. Pack cold or hot (boil 3 minutes), 1" head space. Process 40 min pints, 50 min quarts at 10# pressure. Add salt if you like, or not. It also notes adding 10 minutes to time if the beans are large. If you have these in your garden, sooner is always better than later to get them in the pot. I usually get everything ready in the kitchen, then go out to harvest, so the time between harvest and canning is as short as possible. Good luck, hope they are tasty.

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