Frugal phones....

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

To Miss ButterflyChaser or anyone else with Tracfone experience or opinions...

I have had a Tracfone for a while. We use it very little and minutes have accumulated.

The other day at work, our landline phones were down and I turned to the cell for various business calls.

When DH used it, he muttered about how he hated that blessed' thing. Couldn't hit the right numbers, the buttons were too small, the touch pad too compact, etc.

It is a cheap Motorola and I've have no complaint for our limited use.

But I decided to shop for a phone that he would consider more usable.

None that they show on their site appear to be any larger and yet, still manage to keep it simple enough for him to function with.

I am shopping for suggestions please!?!!

If you have seen a phone (preferably staying with Tracfone) that has a good sized keypad as well as a highly visible screen, PLMK.

Also, will any different phones get better reception? Ours is limited in these woods.

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