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green Sweet Potato Vine rooted

Roslyn, United States

I rooted very easily the green sweet potato vine. Can this be planted to stay indoor over the winter and brought outside in the spring? Should it go in soil or stay in water? Thanks.

Latrobe, PA

You may also want to dig up some of the small sweet potatoes on the roots and start new ones!

Athens, PA

There is a lot of information on holding over OSP and starting them up for the next season. The tubers overwinter very nicely in a brown paper lunch bag.


Roslyn, United States

These links and websites do not say what to do with rooted plants that I snipped from outside. They were not from the actually sweet potato.

Athens, PA

Oh I see - you are doing the actual sweet potato, these are the ornamental sweet potatoes that I posted about....

Sorry - apparently I had a human moment ^_^

Broward County, FL(Zone 10b)

Maybe you'd rather try over winter them in soil. I'd be afraid in water the roots/stems would rot at some point.

Latrobe, PA

Can you plant the roots from the year before and how do you store them?

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