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Tithonia as a cut flower?

Norwalk, CT(Zone 6b)

I adore tithonia, but quite often the stem bends/folds near the blossom when I cut it for a bouquet. Does anyone have a solution? Thanks,

Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

Never used it in arrangements, but how about wiring the stem to keep it from bending?

Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

Florists have unique things to keep flowers from gettign bent neck.ou can wire them or there are the "tubes". Unfortuneately , the tithonias have a short vase life without wiring them....Good luck! They are so pretty!

Norwalk, CT(Zone 6b)

Thank you BlossomBuddy and Thank you haighr. Are tubes like straws? I'll find a how to video on wiring. I look forward to learning. Thanks!

Thumbnail by tamarmays
Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

Yes like straws. You could even use straws as I have done if you can hide them in the vase using marbles or something. You can also use sticks and tape or wire them.

Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

Thats exactly right!

(Hey Happy Thanksgiving ya'll and case I dont get to say it later, Merry Christmas!)

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