What's happening in your neck of the woods .. Nov/2011

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Thought perhaps a move over might be in order ..

We were here http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/t/1223530/


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Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Someone had mentioned 'slow loading' .. maybe a fresh page will help.

Found this little saying the other day .. how true !!

No warmth, no cheerfulness, no helpful ease, no comfortable feel in any member -- no shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees, no fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds -- November!

Kind dreary with 'THAT' kind of chill in the air, but, happily no 'S' !!!!

Off to the dentist for a cleaning today .. I can hardly wait .... NOT!!!



Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Thanks for the move. I hadn't said anything this time, but when it reached about 190 posts, I sometimes just stop watching.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Ooops forgot, thanks "M" for the move over and the November saying.

Going to be mild temps tomorrow, think about 17..not bad for November.

I've been having mega trouble with pain - knees, arms etc. talk about thrilled when I got home last night to see that Cathy had been over and worked all day in the yard raking. Said she might come over and finish the back today..aren't friends grand!!

Not sure, but think it's raining

Mall just finished decorating the Christmas tree, Suzanne has Christmas music playing ever so softly..hmmm going to be a long few months waiting for santa.

Carol how are you feeling?

ViolaAnn, any travelling plans? concerts?

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

No travel plans until Christmas when we'll head to Vancouver.

No Christmas concerts except Come Sing Messiah on Dec. 2 and the handbells - they play at a curling luncheon on Dec. 16, in church on the 18th and at a Carol Sing at a church which housed our offices while we were in exile on the 20th. Different repertoire for all; so I've been busy figuring out what we can play.


No Christmas decorations here..... not until 1st week of December lol
THIS year I will get decorating earlier - usually I get "down in the dumps" but I refuse to This year lol

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Down in the dumps today :-(
Found out yesterday I need to have 2, perhaps THREE teeth extracted .. now I know I have 31 teeth in there, and what's the loss of 2 or 3, but, to me it;s HUGE. I am kind of a 'teeth fanatic' .. I have always maintained a twice a year hygeinist visit with regular dental exams .. I brush faithfully 2-3 times a day, and I am a flosser .. seems one of my wisdom teeth is not doing well, and it's removal creates a domino effect. If the upper right one goes, so too much the lower right one.
And, the tooth that abcessed last Xmas eve is also going to be a goner ..
I see the oral surgeon in Dec for a consult and more XRays .. hopefully he won't suggest extractions on Dec. 23 !! But I doubt he will. My dentist said the oral surgeon will put me into a twilight sleep and the procedure will be quick .. well .. bully for it being quick !! When you're a BIG CHICKEN, comme moi, quick is not quick enough LoL
Anyway, that's my sad story ..

Purdy darned 'CRISP' out there today .. where ever the snow that is predicted is coming from will be a surprise. I have looked at 3 weather sites and see nothing but clear skies.

Best get a move on .. hope everyone has a fine day.
Betty, I sure hope Suzanne is playing that Xmas music REAL low ^_^


Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning, brisk here as well, imagine, they say a few flurries tomorrow. How can you almost be in shorts one day and snowsuit the next? Beyond me..
Sorry to hear about the dental work needed. Awful thing to say but am I glad I got dentures in my teens..lol NO MORE DENTIS for me!!

ViolaAnn, does that mean you still need to get together for practice a few times before mid Dec.? How long will you be in Vancouver..

"M" bad enough that Suzanne is playing christmas music but mall staff are below my window , yesterday they finished decorating a 50' tree, now putting santa's sleigh together and about 8 other trees, imagine santa will be here daily come mid November..imagine!

Susan, how is the job going? Settling in?
I was hoping last Sunday to put Christmas lights out while it was nice but was just tooo tired. Going back to Buffalo this weekend with shoppers who shop till you drop and guess who is the driver, so there will be no rest..doubtful I'll get lights up Sunday..perhaps it will have to wait until a week Sunday, see if I can't get Kyle to drop in and help.

Speaking of Kyle, he goes to Walmart at 1:30 for interview, they are looking for Christmas Staff..told him NOT to get his hopes up too high but I'll be saying a prayer he gets it. Just spend last winter's and summer earning on a snowmobile..I got him his trail pass for Christmas but insurance is high so he must find something to pay for that and gas.


Marilyn - sorry to hear of your impending Dentist visit.......

Betty - they did warn me that it would be very very slow sometimes, but Now is the time, I guess.......
I'm left with very little to do, but don't want to be too obvious that I'm on these sites... but geeeeeeeze!
Every once in a while I get something to do, and I'm going through company network files to familiarize myself with everything, but they don't even ask me to take minutes and they have lots of meetings. Ah well, everything in it's own time.....

Victoria Harbour, ON

Sounds Susan like your job is like mine, well almost, it will be when they let you bring in your quilting..I'm sitting here putting beads on reindeer antlers on the quilts I'm making...lol best I not say hard day at the office!

I'm sure they do not want to put you on overload, bit at a time...enjoy it while it lasts.


Well, today I'm getting the windows cleaned by our Cleaners, and setting up to have new interior door keypads put on the building (2 door system - key to get in from outside, to an interior door, and the new keypad will be put on these doors). woo hoo..... that's not taking a lot of time, BUT as I'm cc'ing people in the company, they will see how I handle new vendors, etc - professionally.
The other day I put together a binder with information I printed from their internal web...... another woo hoo!
Anyway, it's Some work....... and I get paid for it!

Victoria Harbour, ON

That's all you can ask for..picture this..
Zellers has turkey dinner with dressing so I've my dinner in front of my computer typing to you, on the side is my ipad, looking at flights to my very right I have the quilt I'm working on, doing some hand sewing, at my feet an afghan..and they say working isn't easy when you are aged!!!! not true..



Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

WHOA Betty !! Talk about 'multi tasking' !!! You be the QUEEN LoL
Hope the turkey dinner was good ^_^

Had the puppers out a bit ago, strong west wind ... with ... teeny tiny wafts of FLURRIES !!! Not a constant surge, just spotty .. the driveway is a little white .. notice I am trying to MINIMIZE this .... I want to go to the border to pick up a parcel .. but am kind of waffling on it .. I know my vehicle is new, and whips into 4 wheel drive quickly, but, until I am absolutely SURE we wouldn't be heading into a wicked storm .. we'll be staying home .. OR .. going to town to buy a NEW DVD player 'HO HO HO' .. NOT!! Darned thing is only 2 years old .. watched 3/4 of a movie last evening, and PFFFTTT .. the player quit! Gordon fixed it about 3 weeks ago and all has been well .. but I think perhaps it;s time for a new one .. one good thing is they aren't too expensive ..

Hope everyone has a beauty day ^_^


Victoria Harbour, ON

"M" think all the players are now quite reasonable..sunrise was spectacular this morning however even in the mall here I can feel the cold..must be doors opening and closing.

I'm looking at all the 'to do' downstairs getting ready for christmas..can you imagine Mall Santa will be here next weekend????

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Well, I'm pulling a "Betty" lol have a plastic bin under my desk with squares of polar fleece, and am sewing them together by hand, to make those small blankies for the Crying Room at the back of our church's sanctuary.
Betty - you're a terrible influence LOL
The bosses and most of the P Engineers are in Edmonton at a meeting. Bosses are on vacation day tomorrow, and some of the engineers, too, so it'll be very quiet. More sewing to do, eh?
I don't have enough hours in to get Remembrance Day off, so, as the company is open and I want to get paid, I'm here.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Enjoy it while you can Susan! I find having mega things to do makes to day fly by..my craft almost do the same but I do prefer to be busy. Paul was just telling me as he's opening a main branch in Weston that he feels with signage and advertising that I must be available without any interruptions to take the assessments..now that means if a staff member takes the telephones I'll be left with absolutely nothing to do unless an assessment come in, at that time I can focus and give full attention to potential client..no wonder those calling in tell Paul I'm the best, I've nothing but time, so I listen and listen..sometimes their problems started when they are 21 and now in their 60's soooo that's a lot of listening to lol


Well, I was given a ton of work to do x 2, and tomorrow they both want it done! Yikes!
Tomorrow we're having a pizza lunch at work, cuz there won't be many people, and I thought it would be fun :-)

Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning everyone, this time of year we automatically glance outside to see what the weather is like, yikes..ground is covered in white stuff and still coming down, almost chunky...sure hope NOT a sign of freezing rain.

Got lazy last night and was in bed before 9' ah could have been closer to 8. Lol so now I'm up doing what should have been done last night..getting things packed up to leave this afternoon, shopping in Buffalo again, laundry etc

Will gab later, here is hoping my neck of the woods is the only region having snow!

Wouldn't you know, with so many parades for Remembrance Day they would have to deal with such weather...

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Safe travels Betty .. no snow here .. YET .. !! If I were to believe our evening weather reprt on our local news station , well, we'd be digging out as we speak ... her spin on things certainly likely put a damper on peoples plans to attend outdoor Remembrance Day services ..
Will either watch the one from Ottawa on the TV .. or .. have my own moment of silence in my vehicle while in the city ..

Picked up the wedding rings yesterday .. WOW .. they never looked so good ^_^
I took a pic, have yet to download it .. in actual fact, you;d have to see them up close and personal to understand the transformation.

I should crawl back into bed .. and TRY to catch another hour or two ..

Have a good one


Victoria Harbour, ON

Anxious to see the rings.. Your weather woman could be telling the truth, snow still falling ever so lightly..let's hope it will be melted by this afternoon when we leave for Buffalo!

Omg I got 2 more quilt panels done this morning..1 more to go then 2nd quilt main insert done..I'll keep plugging with the 3rd..times is at a premium these days.

Time to run

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Stopped by my church where they are setting up for the bazaar. They had what is likely a real diamond ring in an old-fashioned white gold setting. Were gonna put it in the silent auction. I think now they are going to check it out with a jeweler first. Looked to be close to a quarter caret stone. If it's real, they'd be far better selling it otherwise.

They also had some lovely Paragon china cups and saucers. Any idea what price someone would put on them for a bazaar?

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

A Paragon cup and saucer online is $46.00 .. very pretty china.
Diamonds are hard to gauge by just looking at them .. my Dad inherited 2 diamond rings MANY years ago from his sister who had married a wealthy New York Financier back in the 1920s/30s .. the rings bumbled about drawers and jewelery boxes, no one paid much attention to them .. in the 80s I decided to have them appraised .. SHAZAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The rings were from Tiffany and wroth well over $5000. each .. my Dad immediately put them into his safety deposit box. i have them now, and, I wear them .. why not .. something that nice SHOULD be worn.
I'll attatch a pic of the rings Brooklyn will get .. pic is kinda not that good ..

Flurrying off and on here, not staying though :-)

Take care


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Yikes Ann - they really need to watch what they're getting for sale items, eh? 1/4 caret diamond in white gold sounds kinda antiquey......
For all I know, our church may have some valuable tea cup/saucer sets too. So many of them were donated to them by members and are now being used each time we have a tea at the church. Some are awfully pretty and others are quite elegant. Of course we also have some 50's and 60's ones. Mostly "one of" cup/saucer, but that doesn't matter.

The wind is picking up here - our chinook weather is about to be replaced with wind and blowing snow!

Dundas,, ON(Zone 5b)

Hi all:

Well I'm back and having trouble getting caught up.

I was near the coast for quite a while and came home with all my clothes smelling musty from the damp and it took several washes to get the smell out. And I'm not through getting the house cleaned up yet. Oh, well. It will all come together I guess.

You can see some of my animal videos and flower pics at http://grannym.wordpress.com/

I scanned through the posts I missed and you all have been up to really a lot as usual. That garden party fundraiser looked wonderful. Camping looked great too.

Every place I went this year pretty much had several dogs. I'm missing the dogs a lot and thinking of maybe getting one if I can find some kind that's not too energetic and doesn't shed too much. I'd rather have a bushbaby like my friend Sonja, but that's just not possible here, so what can you do?

Better get moving - still trying to get through all the e-mail that piled up. I'm on a few lists that send information newsletters every week, so got some reading to do.

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Welcome Back! Yes, we've been busy, but then So Have You! Here in Calgary the dogs get charged a bus fare like every human, but I don't see many dogs on the bus..... A bushbaby? What kind of dog is that?

Dundas,, ON(Zone 5b)

Hi susan:

Thanks for the welcome.

A bushbaby is not a dog - you can see one here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8gj1pmSbGU


oh my gosh!! He's adorable! Kinda reminds me of a chinchilla.
Looks like he'd get into Everything, too - a little mischevious lol

Dundas,, ON(Zone 5b)

Susan, I just fell in love with him. He lives in their roof - they have a thatched roof - and Sonja fostered him when he became orphaned. He comes down every evening at dusk to play for a while. Just after I took this video, I was sitting at the computer doing my blog and he was hanging off my thumb and falling into my lap, jumping onto the keyboard, sitting on my hand and trying to chew my fingernails, so yes, into everything. He gets a few treats to eat then goes out for the night to hunt for insects. About 5 a.m. he comes back in and jumps on Sonja and James's faces to wake them, then climbs back up to the roof to go to sleep. Well, I don't actually know if he climbs, since they can jump at least 15 ft straight up from a standing start. Amazing little creatures.

P. S. If you like critters, you should check out the lion, cheetah and ostrich videos on the site too.


This little critter goes outside in the cold? He looks too delicate for that...... and as he's named "bushbaby" I thought he'd be from the rainforests.

Dundas,, ON(Zone 5b)

No, doesn't go out in the cold - he's African, which is why I can't have one.

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

WB Marilyn .. I watched the YouTube video re the BushBaby .. very cute !! The eyes are SO big ... kind of an amazing little creature.
Love my 2 dogs dearly, but, with your travelling so much, and for long periods, you'd have to make sure you had someone who would take him/her.

Got the computer room cleaned out, pick up the new computer today .. as well, Lorna has a meeting with regards to moving up to a better more permanent prosthetic leg .. her present one is a bit too loose.

Not much to say about the weather .. everyday WITHOUT snow .. is a day closer to SPRING ^_^

Off to bed >>>>> AGAIN !!


Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning everyone..

"M" we had a blizzard here on Friday, thank goodness it cleared by the time we left for Buffalo!

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Victoria Harbour, ON

Laughing here "M", one day closer to spring??? Already we are on the countdown...too funny..

Mall area just below my office is now decorated for Christmas, can you believe the little ones will be coming this weekend to meet with Santa..now that is hard to believe

Is a pretty view..mall music isn't Christmas Carols as yet however, Suzanne (SIL) has then on from 9:00 to 4:30..

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Victoria Harbour, ON

Was a fun weekend, am so tired but more than at my end of shopping.. 3 times to Buffalo in 1 month and another trip taking mom in two weeks has about done me in. Girls kept saying I'm always buying for someone else so I came home with 4 outfits and new shoes all of which I needed I guess. Next year we just have to find a truck

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Victoria Harbour, ON

Suzanne had to get into the trunk to pack, making sure every little nook was filled...then we sat on items, items on the floor and between us..luckily nice customs officer, just said have a nice day!!

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Victoria Harbour, ON

Waving to all, going back to read and look at the links, will be back shortly


wow Betty - who's packed in the trunk? lol

Dundas,, ON(Zone 5b)

Wah! Betty tell me it's not true! All that snow! I don't want to see that at all.

Glad you had fun shopping though.

And yes, I too am counting the days until spring.

And Marilyn, yes I do have a very good person who could take the dog if I got one. As long a I'm in this house, the tenant would look after him and he loves dogs too and even after I move, when I do, he would be willing to look after a dog for me.

Keep warm, ladies. I gotta go do some work now *sigh* - though I guess I shouldn't complain given all the folks who don't have any work.

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

OMG Betty !! The 'trunk pics' are FRAME MAKERS' LoL .. too funny, but I am pretty sure ALL of us have been in that position more than once or twice.
I always seem to forget that BESIDES packages, there is LUGGAGE that goes in the trunk .. but .. my WORST, or most frightening experience, was a trip home after 3 weeks in Barbados!! We had had such a good time, and each time we were 'out and about' the Island, I purchased 'something' .. One item was a hat made from Palm tree branches .. quite ostentatious, and, BIG!!! I also kept purchasing RUM !! After all .. Barbados is WHERE 'the rum come from' .. so .. the day before heading home, we decided to PACK .. WEll .. I had to go out, by ANOTHER bag and towels into which went MANY decorative bottles of rum rolled in said towels !!! That suitcase was some heavy I gotta tell ya!! Had to pay for 'overweight' .. but .. THE worst was watching for that suitcase to some tumbling down the hatch and out onto the revolving luggage carousel!!! I was in fits that the rum bottles (or even one) would break and the smell of rum would be everywhere .. so .. there I stood ,, brown as a berry wearing this totally NON Canadian chapeau .. praying that the towels would cushion the fall .. and .. happily .. they did .. but .. I never did it again !!!
I can smile about it now .. so .. that's a good thing :-)

Marilyn .. good thing you have someone reliable you could leave a pet with .. SO important for your peace of mind !!

Got the new computer set up .. man, am not as agile as I thought !! Crawling around on the floor behind the desk trying to sort out cables and plug ins is hard work !! But .. it got done .. and Lorna is so pleased .. makes it all worth it.
PLUS .. today she is likely to get a new socket (upper leg) .. if she does, it will hopefully enable her to walk a bit better .. this is certainly a long process !!!!

My challenge today will be putting pics onto one of those 'digital picture frames' .. sure hope it's as easy as the sales fella said it'd be !!!

NO snow here .. in fact it was +11C here yesterday !! Unheard of for November !!!



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