Seeking pattern and manufacturer of creamer

Plant City, FL

Can anyone identify this creamer? The shape seems to be rhythm and resembles other creamers which were made by Homer Laughlin, but I have been unable to verify. Will appreciate help, especially the name of the pattern.

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Athens, PA

Is there any type of marking or hallmark on the bottom of the pitcher? If so, please post a picture.

Plant City, FL

There's no marking or hallmark on the bottom of the small creamer.

Lowell, IN(Zone 5b)

Just a note. Several potteries copied each other for shapes, espicially if one proved popular. In addition, if the decoration is applied, as opposed to under the glaze, 'blanks' (non-decorated pieces) of pottery and glassware were often sold to other companies who then put their own decorations on them, usually transfers. Good luck in your search.

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