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treating soil for mealybugs?

Tamworth, NH(Zone 4b)

The mealybugs are after my Meyer Lemon and Mexican Sweet Lime again. Aaarrgh. They had them last winter, but once I got them outside this spring I treated them with Sevin and I thought I'd gotten rid of them. All summer they looked good. Now that they are back in, the mealybugs have shown up again. I've got three nice lemons coming along - one starting to ripen and I don't want the plants to get too stressed.

I think I remember reading somewhere that you really have to treat the soil in the pot in some way to really get rid of them. Does anyone have any advice?


Portage, WI(Zone 5a)

90% rubbing alcohol from the drugstore. Spray it on the plant and yes, if needed, soak the soil. Lots of those bugs hiding underground. Perhaps even take the plant, roots and all out of the pot, spray and report with new soil.

Tamworth, NH(Zone 4b)

What about using 70% isopropyl? I have almost a gallon of that. I imagine it would work just as well.

Portage, WI(Zone 5a)

Some people do prefer the 70%. I have never seen any damage using 90% and am indeed intent on killing those bugs.

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