Getting candle wax out of jars

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Sort of the reverse of what this forum is about, but so many purchased jar candles come in pretty jars that I'd love to repurpose for storage, terrariums, or crafts. What is the best way to really clean the inside of the jar after removing the majority of the wax? Some candles seem to leave an oily residue that just doesn't want to scrub out - I've tried cleanser (such as Ajax), bleach, dish soap - nothing seems to work effectively. Is there anything not dangerously caustic or do I just have to keep scrubbing forever and ever?

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I heat the jar in a water bath and when the remaining wax has melted I just wipe it out with a paper towel then was the jar with dawn dish soap. I have had good results.

Lakeside Marblehead, OH

I put a very wet paper towel in the jar & microwave it for about 40 seconds...Wax comes out easily...

Union Grove, WI(Zone 5b)

I'd put the jar in the freezer, once frozen the wax should just pop off and out (may need to break the frozen wax but shouldn't be hard to do).

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Although we highly recommend not reusing the jars -at lest not for candle use, I can tell you that if you would like to reuse the jar for storage here is how you clean the jar perfectly each and every time:

1. Use a hairdryer on the out side of the jar to release the wax from the glass. Remove as much wax as possible.
2. Wash with very warm water and soap.
3 Take a paper towel and rubbing alcohol to remove the remaining wax film from the jar.

This will leave your glass clean and ready to use. Post your questions here or visit our website at Candlelight Obsession

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