65 in June... researching

-South Central-, IL(Zone 6a)

It's really time for me to make some decisions. The big year happens in June. There is so much to do and so much to learn.

What kind of insurance(s) do you have, and what company do you use? I've used Cigna for 30 years, so maybe I'll just 'transfer over' to a different kind of policy. My mom uses Cigna, and it works for her.

What are YOU doing? Thank you so much for taking time to respond to me.


Lee's Summit, MO(Zone 6a)


-South Central-, IL(Zone 6a)

Kay, does that mean take the time? Or, what does it mean??

Lee's Summit, MO(Zone 6a)

To the top. I'm hoping someone responds.

Ozone, AR(Zone 6a)

Pat, You're in for a big change. Some of it good and some not so good. Some things that helps me. Stay busy!! Make plans right away around things you injoy.Start making new friends who share your interests.
I kept my old insurance with some changes.Keep to some excersize,walking is cheap and great.Find a pool. Swimming is great.
Read books or magazines you've never had time for.There's one for every intrest.
If you live alone, get a pet,even if its just a gold fish.
I've always loved gardening but could'nt handle a hoe so I bought some large flowerpots and planted a lot of daylillys and add annuals among them every spring. I can sit in a chair and garden. I've also got spring bulb flowers that don't require care.I have 3 dogs and 3 cats.(and no mice)LOL I like to crochet and quilt. Do some night star gazing and count meteors.I like to keep up with whats going on the sciences. I also have my online friends here on Daves Garden that are always a source of joy.
Wishing you the happiest of retirements.

-South Central-, IL(Zone 6a)

Vickie, thanks for your kind words. I retired at 59, but I'm now getting ready to go on Medicare, etc. I just want to be sure I have all my bases covered, and don't shoot myself in the foot with all the changes coming because of medical care.

I love my retirement. My mom lives with me (she's 91) and she's a lot of company. She has her mind (totally) and gets around the house well. She can fix her own breakfast, and does her own laundry and bathing, so I know I am blessed here. My son's job moved him 5 hours from me, so I loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly... (song). I moved from zone 7 to zone 5, and have a whole new learning experience. I also have a bigger yard, and have started vegetable gardening for the first time in my life. So that means preserving food as it comes in during the summer/fall. I have a little terrier/chihuahua mix (I think) and he is my total love, and protector. My (only) four grandchildren live less than a mile from me, so I stay as busy with them as they want me to. Overall, I'm having a wonderful retirement, but I just don't know about Medicare...


Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Hey, Pat. DH turned 65 last May and boy did we have a lot to learn fast. First, and foremost you are right...you need to get smart on Medicare and supplemental insurance real fast. Best place to start is here: http://www.medicare.gov/default.aspx

Medicare is mandatory but supplemental coverage is not. You should look into at least a supplemental policy if you're not completely covered by Part B (medical coverage) and if you want part D (prescriptions). I think it can vary from state-to-state on what is offered. Part B premiums may be based on your income (combined household).

We both had individual Blue Cross/Blue Shield policies (I'm not 65 just yet), and DH is also retired Military with Tricare, so the Tricare is now our Supplemental. He suspended (not cancelled) his federal BCBS policy (if you cancel you can never pick it up again according to the federal BCBS guidelines...lots of rules there which I won't go into if you're a federal retiree). His Medicare premium, because of our combined income is about double what his BCBS premium was. Somehow that doesn't seem quite fair, but that's the Government and Medicare for you.

Medicare actually seems to provide pretty good coverage though. I just think it's probably a good idea to look into the supplemental coverage to make sure you have something comparable to what you have now with Cigna. And you can use Cigna to provide the supplemental that Medicare doesn't/won't cover. I hope this makes sense.

-South Central-, IL(Zone 6a)

Thanks, it does. You are making me think, and that's what I asked for!!

Missouri City, TX

Since it is now past June - what have you done?

New York, NY(Zone 6b)

Yes, I have been watching to see what direction you decided to take Pat. I will retire in 3 years and there will be new things to think about when I am 66 with my current health issues constantly changing. Every time I check, something has either been deleted or changed and I try to keep up with the news but it is not easy. Have subscribed to AARP for years, but have been confused about a few things there also. I will keep this thread on my watch list.
Thanks for the information all.

Missouri City, TX

Well to put in our own experience "2-cents worth":

Signed up for Medicare, then used ARRP's United Healthcare replacement for Part-B for both of us.
Signed up with VSP for vision coverage.

Still need some dental coverage.

-South Central-, IL(Zone 6a)

Bubba, I did the same thing. Seemed the easiest, and best, too. Thanks for asking, y'all!

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