Handbuilt boxes

Union Grove, WI(Zone 5b)

Ever have one of those days where you just can't get your 'throwing groove'? Yesterday was one of those for me, I threw 4 bowls and it was much harder than it should have been for someone who's been using a pottery wheel for over 9 years!

Anyway, I gave up on the wheel and did some hand building instead. I made some boxes which are pretty easy and fun to make. Just roll a slab, cut 2 pieces (one for top and one for bottom) using template (pictuer #1), score and slip the edges that will create the corners, pull them up to match and attach then decorate!

2nd picture is of my slabroller (love my slab roller!), 3rd is the boxes I made yesterday and 4th is some completed boxes I made a while back.

Oh, and for kicks I tossed in the 5th picture as proof of my bad throwing day! This was a nice bowl until I bumped it, then it became an altered bowl with all those folds. It'll probably be beautiful when done and I'll never be able to recreate it!

Thumbnail by ItsMeChrissy Thumbnail by ItsMeChrissy Thumbnail by ItsMeChrissy Thumbnail by ItsMeChrissy Thumbnail by ItsMeChrissy
Gilroy (Sunset Z14), CA(Zone 9a)

What a great way to make boxes! I'll have to try it, as I loathe all that scoring and slipping and trying to make the walls stand up straight. Yours are so cute!

I love the "altered" bowl-----very arty. And yes, we all have those days. Last week I recycled a 15-lb planter that's been drying on the shelf for a month, but I just didn't LIKE it. I decided I'd rather have the clay back to make something else.

Slab rollers are wonderful. When I was making hundreds of tiles for my hardscape, I was so happy to have mine.

Oakwood (Butler,TX), TX(Zone 8b)

very cool .. ideas running around my head how can I add glass to this :)

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