Troy, OH

After seeing some mushrooms being made on here, I thought it would be a cute idea for the grand kids to make some. I made a mushroom and another leaf man. Fun little projects to do now to get ready for this Spring.

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Carlsbad, CA(Zone 10b)

What a beautiful yellow mushrooms. The green circle decorations are great! Looks like the grandkids had fun, too.

The leaf man is wonderful. I especially love his lips. The glaze color you used is such a nice one. It looks like a real plant green color. Do you mind sharing what it is?

Troy, OH

Thank you ... it is Mayco Crystalites Glazes, Spotted Kiwi. It's one of my favorites.

Gilroy (Sunset Z14), CA(Zone 9a)

Great colors----so cute, and the mushrooms will be such fun for the kids to have in the garden this summer!

Union Grove, WI(Zone 5b)

Your shrooms are great but I love your leaf man!!! I use crystal glazes on my shrooms (cause I'm a lazy glazer :-), my favorite for shrooms is Mayco crystalite Sassy Orange. My absolute favorite crystal glaze is called Monet's Garden by Duncan.

Now I need the trees to get their leaves back so I can make myself a leaf man :-)

Oakwood (Butler,TX), TX(Zone 8b)

Ok ill try again .. having trouble posting to DG :(
Love the Shrooms .. May have to hijack you ideas .. The Grands will be here next week .. They love playing in Clay & The Green man is a Cutie

Union Grove, WI(Zone 5b)

Oh... how old are the grand kids? I made turtle bowls with my neices/nephews years ago, they loved making them. Here are the steps:

1) Take a small bowl and line it with paper or plastic wrap (if you use news paper get it wet and it'll take the shape of the bowl easier.
2) Make coils and role them into spirals or s-shapes and maybe some little balls of clay.
3) As you make the coils/balls of clay, place them to cover the inside of the bowl.
4) Once you have the inside of the bowl sufficiently covered, smooth out the inside (making the coils stick together)
5) Add a head, 4 feet and a tail.
6) By that time the body should be dry enough to take out of the bowl,
7) Create a ring out of a coil and attach it to the bottom so the turtle is laying on its back.

It looks really cool, and the kids had fun; i think they were 8 and 10yrs old at the time. I think I have one that I made somewhere around here, I'll take pictures when i can.

Union Grove, WI(Zone 5b)

Oh oh...I remembered that I had a picture of a turtle bowl. It's attached.

I also found a picture of my masks and attached that - it's another fun kid project.

When I lived in Illinois, I took classes at a local art center; they also had kids classes and one class made these masks -- they had like 30-40 of them on display and it looked so cook I did a smaller (only 6 masks) version for my office. The kids were so creative their display was much cooler than mine :-)

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Troy, OH

My 6 year old grandson made the little ones and he let his 4 year old sister help paint some. They love playing with clay. Those masks are the cutest !!!!! Another idea for the grand kids. Kids have the best imagination. The turtle bowl is cute, so many ideas on this forum. Love it !!!

Oakwood (Butler,TX), TX(Zone 8b)

thanks Chrissy these will be fun these 2 are almost 3 & 7
its looking like a rainy week we will need lots of hands on stuff to do.
love the faces
heres what the 3 year old did the last time she was here alone

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Union Grove, WI(Zone 5b)

Wow the grand kids are pro's! Love the little shrooms, and that cat is very cool! I suspect we may have the same playdoh cut out set :-) You could so glue magnets to any of those and hang 'em on the fridge!

Troy, OH

I will be slabbing some clay the next time the grand kids come over and have them add the eyes, nose and lips. It will be outdoor fence art. We get the 4 & 6 year old a couple of times a week. I have a 13 year old grandson that comes over every other weekend. I can just see the look on his face when I tell him he's going to make a mask .... lol

Oakwood (Butler,TX), TX(Zone 8b)

oh yeah either holes for hanhing or magnets go on everything ..
I pickup cookie cutters when ever on sale .. we have a big box of cutters :)
this is what they ask to do most .. its the waiting for things to dry & fire that gets them ,,

Gilroy (Sunset Z14), CA(Zone 9a)

Love the masks! I'm teaching the little boy next door (11) a bit about clay. A slab mask might be something he'd like doing.

Stafford, VA(Zone 7a)

I LOVE the mushrooms an dthe Leaf Man is INCREDIBLE!!!!! I LOVE it!!!!!!


Troy, OH

Thank you !! The mushrooms and the leaf man were bisqued at 6 than painted with a low fire paint at 05. I used a sculpture clay, really gritty. They said it was good for outdoor use. I must get some more of that Spotted Kiwi paint. I do love the color.

Love the mushrooms and leaveman.
I had a friend on here that made mushrooms and i brought two of them from her.I still have them too.It was back 08 or 09 when i brought them.


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