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Best Shade Flowers to start Growing in spring with seeds

Toronto, Canada

This is my first time gardening and the area i'm planting the flowers in is primarily shady but gets indirect sunlight at various points of the day. I'll be starting from scratch some i'll be using seeds, so what are some easy to grow flowers for a beginner that can initially be grown in early spring??

And does the ideal soil vary depending on what flowers your growing?


Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

You are right Mossfloss, the type of soil you have will not be suitable for some plants but I would say mainly this is for shrubs / trees like Rhododendrons and others that like an acidic soil, for seeds that are annuals, just a nice well dug soil with no large lumps, has some compost and a multi purpose feed added for some nutrients IF your in an area where there has been fallen pine needles etc as they deplete the soil of some goodness.

Plants that might suit your situation would be things like:
Digitalis (foxglove)
All above are Perennials but with mulch cover, could survive the Canadian winters or lift and store.
as for Annuals or Bi-annuals try
Night scented stock (plant close to the path or window Doorway, they smell wonderfully evenings.
marigolds, either pot marigolds or French or both.
Viola Summer flowering
Some of above need seeds planted Autumn and planted out after frost has gone.
Hope this gives you ideas to get you started as I'm sure a book from the library or a look through at the book store would help show some pictures.
Most of the plants you buy for bedding out are annuals but are started by germinating the seeds early in the year Jan / Feb time.
Good luck. WeeNel.

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