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Just call me crazy!

Silver Spring, MD(Zone 6b)

Today was such a beautiful afternoon, but we started out with heavy fog this morning. The temps reached high 80's according to one of our digital indoor/outdoor thermometer. It is now 66 at 10:35 pm..This morning I opened up some of my WS milk jugs since the spouts were getting a bit of height on them and later on this afternoon, I opened up a lot more. I kept the tops in case of a cold night surprizes us to tape back on..or I could bring them into the garage for overnight if it takes a turn back into winter..Hard to beleive that one more week and it is will be April.

A thought just came to my mind that by opening them up, I was probably inviting Bambi and friends for a midnight snack, and I could wait till tomorrow to spray Liquid Fence so I put on my bathrobe, and went out and got the Liquid Fence and sprayed it on the two flowerbeds in the front and the WS jugs that I opened up today..don't feel like inviting them for that midnight snack tonight. Hope by spraying it on at night on the new seedlings, I won't cause them harm..Hopefully no neighbors saw me out there but who cares..I'm protecting my babies!

(Pam) Warren, CT(Zone 5b)

Very funny picture! I feel for you, have a big Bambi problem at my mother's house on LI. They decimated lovely established plantings in just a year or two after a combination of property development and breeding pushed them in her direction. Now they live in a small wooded area just behind the house and eat pretty much everything, even 'pruning' the new growth off the English Box shrubs (which they supposedly never touch!) in the spring.


Silver Spring, MD(Zone 6b)

If Bambi and friends are hungry enough, they'll eat anything plant they come in touch with, I understand. We live in a gated, Sr. Citizens community of over 8500 and they walk right through the gates and the golf course is loaded with them..They have been chased out of their habitat because of a new County Connector road that comes near here. They walk right down the street and if you go out there, they just look at you, stand still and you can almost read their minds.."Hey Lady, hadn't you ever seen a deer before?" If you don't bother then, they go on grazing..We have found the Liquid Fence works..Only trouble is that you have to keep up the spraying, espcecially after a rain, so I need to respray tomorrow(or maybe tonight, who knows?) I noticed one of my azelea bushes has been prunned well.. They say the Milorganite fertilizer is a deer deterrent..sold at local garden centers/nurseries in a large bag..You can put it down as fertilizer and it serves two purposes. I've also heard that if you leave a garden hose out, they think it is a snake and will go the other way. Now why wouldn't they step over it?
They are beautiful animals but they sure do a lot of damage. Occassionally we will also have a visit from a red fox that minds its own business, just takes short cut across the back yard.

(Pam) Warren, CT(Zone 5b)

Hoses have never bothered the deer I've known, not even a hesitation. Liquid Fence works if I keep it up, but I've heard if you use it on everything they'll get used to it and it won't stop them any more.

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