Hyacinth problem?

Sundance, WY(Zone 3b)

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. My hyacinths seem to always bloom with the flowers down next to the ground, right at the base of the leaves. They never get very tall, so are hard to see since they don't seem to rise above the leaves. They have done this for a couple of years now, since I have planted them. Is this just something that happens sometimes, or am I doing something wrong, or need to amend my ground more, or??? We have really bad clay and rocky soil, and I spend a lot of time trying to get better dirt, adding compost and aged manure, but our ground is so bad that after several years of doing this, it still is awful, lol! Don't know where all that manure goes, but you can't even tell I've added 6 inches several times a year for a couple of years! Should I fertilize them maybe? I'm open for any ideas and suggestions!

Duxbury, MA(Zone 7a)

were they fresh bulbs when you planted them, or ones that had been forced in a pot and then you planted them outside? Mine seem to go through phases, I think maybe they divide, and so they don't look good for a couple years, but then they get better again. I just checked outside, all mine look good this year, except one group that were in a pot last winter and then I planted it outside - flowers are very short. Might just need a few years to get back up to full size.

Lawrenceville, GA(Zone 7a)

They have been in the ground for several years or were they planted last Fall?

Sundance, WY(Zone 3b)

They have been in the ground for 2-4 years for the most part, and were not forced inside first, but that could explain why some of my daffodils aren't looking tall yet either, lol! Gosh, I really don't remember what kind of shape the bulbs were in when first planted, since it's been a few years. WooHoo! Hope you are right about them possibly dividing which would be the reason!

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