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2012 Bird Cams

Whiteside County, IL(Zone 5a)

It's a great trend that is forming, web cams for nestings. Whether it is a home camera or a corporate sponsored one, we love them. Here's a collection. Add to the list if you have a Favorite.

From Cornell
Great Blue Heron (TWO camera angles)

"Big Red" Red-tailed Hawk


A few Eagle Cams
Norfolk, VA, a DG favorite

Decora, Iowa (plus, on Ustream, more links across the top)

Quad Cities (IL/IA) Alcoa

Ducbuclin sends us this link

Essex Junction, VT(Zone 4a)

I'm currently relaxing to the sound of a gajillion frogs from the Great Blue Heron webcam :D (with a red-winged blackbird every now and then) aahhhhh

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