In theory looks like it should work...but does not!

Titusville, FL(Zone 9b)

Ok, so I wanted to feed everything with my manure tea.
My husband says to me there is an easier way then dragging buckets all over.
I'm intrigued and listening...
So he explains that when an IV is placed in someone that the height of the bag allows for the medication to flow into a persons body but not back up into the bag.
OK I say and I am listening still...
We will do this with the sprinkler system and I can get this all done in one easy watering session.
Off he goes...remember his heart is in the right place.
*Poof* after a little drilling noise and filing and what sounds like digging threw parts...In 20 minutes I have a contraption.
A ladder above the pump, with a metal bucket that has a spigot attached is a hose that is attached to the spigot on the pump.

So I test it...first with doesn't work, the pump actually pumps water all the way up to the bucket and fills the bucket instead
of the contents of the bucket being emptied into the hose out to the garden. I haven't had the heart to tell him it doesn't work.
So is there anyone out there who can tell me how to "adjust" this so that it does work?
In theory it looks like it should work but in practice forget it, do I need to put this on the roof?
There is a photo included of the actual contraption, please help me fix this, even if it requires me to place this bucket on the roof.
I hate to tell him I think the hose needs to be attached below the pump so the the pump pulls the tea from the bucket, but I am not going to tear up the pump for this.
Thanks for any help

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