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Old Storage Tubs

BUda, TX(Zone 8b)

Was looking out of the workshop the other evening and had an idea. I know, it's a first this week. I noticed an old storage tub sitting by the fence and thought it would make a good container for a couple tomato, bean, or cuke plants. What your thoughts, ideas, suggestions....

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Not quite sure what your storage tub looks like or how big it is, but I imagine it would be suitable as long as you drill some drainage holes in it.

Somewhere in, MD(Zone 7b)

I was thinking the same thing Ecrane. If the tub is a 15 gallon size or so, one tomato plant would be happy in there. Maybe you could surround it with some herbs too, that would look very nice *and* be functional. Don't forget the drainage holes! =)

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