Hydrogen Peroxide?

Larsen, WI(Zone 5a)

Does anyone know or has tried using Hydrogen Peroxide used with fertilizing or by misting your Epis? I looked this topic up for some odd reason and I found out that H.P. helps out.

Watering Your Plants. If you tend to over-water your plants, this is for you. Mix 1 oz of hydrogen peroxide with 1 quart of water, and water your plants normally. This adds oxygen to your soil, helping stave off root rot and enhances root development. I do this particularly with plants whose soil is overly dense and more prone to water-logging.

If you know or have experiance, I'd really like to know....

BARRY here

Pawleys Island, SC

Hi Barry, I have used peroxide on other plants, but never thought to use it with my epis. I always use it when I soak seeds and I soak all of my seeds. I have some epis that could probably benefit from it though, so I think I will try it today. I will let you know if I see good results.

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