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Homemade sprinkler system

Marietta, GA

Hi ya'll,
New to this forum and don't know which of you may be a creative inventor of a different kind of watering system. I have hosta in a raised bed beneath a portion of my deck and have no patience to circle the deck twice a day in the hottest part of the summer to water them all with a hose. My DH set up a faucet next to the house that I can reach from the deck and I would like to create a system with 3/4 inch pvc interspersed with sprinkler heads that I can aim at the hostas and water them all at the same time by connecting the system up to the faucet and turning it on. Does anyone else have a system like this. The pvc pipe and sprinklers would be attached under the rails of the deck. I can see it in my mind but have no idea where to get the materials to construct the system or if sprinkler heads are even made that attach to pvc pipe. Appreciate any help you can give.

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