Planting in a Juniper Stump

Phoenix, AZ(Zone 9b)

Hello! I've had this stump for a couple of years, and today DH cut about a foot off the top so I can plant a new Bower vine in it - the stump was a bit too tall and looks better more stumpy. The stump is hollow all the way through.

Do you think the juniper would harm the roots of something planted in it? The wood he cut off is VERY fragrant.


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Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

Good question. Those fragrant oils can sometimes harm other plants. Juniper is one known for that problem when trying to plant around it.

Perhaps you could seal the inside of it to prevent that. Or maybe insert a large diameter of PVC pipe or something as a liner. It would look terrific as a planter. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it. ^_^

Phoenix, AZ(Zone 9b)

Thanks for your reply C_G. Maybe I'll find a deep dish planting containers and do annuals in it. It *is* a lovely old stump. Dragged back from one of our off-off road camping trips.

Bardstown, KY(Zone 6a)

As dried out as it looks I seriously doubt there would be any residual oils in the wood anyway.


Phoenix, AZ(Zone 9b)

Even though it still carries a fairly strong scent?

Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

That scent is from the oils that have been released.

It is a wonderful stump! I would be careful about how I planted it though. But that's just IMHO.

(Arlene) Southold, NY(Zone 7a)

Terrific stump.

Saw this post by flygirl, years ago, and still haven't tried it:

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Phoenix, AZ(Zone 9b)

That looks interesting, do you have the article? I looked for posts by flygirl but came up with zero results. Then I Googled tree stump magic and didn't get the article but found a fun youtube video showing a stump turned into a water fountain. That looked interesting....maybe I can pull that off with a different stump I have. Finally planted a bower vine in the stump I posted above.

(Arlene) Southold, NY(Zone 7a)

I don't. Fly_girl took a photo of it from the magazine she had.

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