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More Autumn Brugs.....

Merino, Australia

Chrissy asked me to start the new thread with my new flower open ..
Mango Cornet...

Delicious aurea perfume. A brug worth keeping for that alone.
One from Alistair and I have it written down as Bucks Fizz x Bert.
Cant seem to find it anywhere to check.

We came from here...

Thumbnail by 77sunset
Sydney, Australia

I think that one is a sibling to BB if I recall. Must go check on that.
The colour reminds me of Musketeer at it's best.


Sydney, Australia

Dianne in case you didn't see it in the last thread ...please bring that pretty baby of yours over here ^_^
when you have a minute. I found a teensy bud on Ivoire this morning - I would love to see just one bloom before the frosts ! ^_^

We actually have sun here, but the grounds are sloshy in some areas, hoping for a fine weekend though more rain is forecast of course.
Wasps everywhere ...I hope they are eating the bugs. So many Y's can't help but hope, even as the night temps begin to drop.

Clifton Springs, Australia

Ok, here they are Chrissy.....the last of the Angel's Flight x Charleston has opened and the others are fading now....
I really like it in soft pink as well as the pink.

I am still looking for the Mango Cornet pic, Jean

Thumbnail by Seachanger Thumbnail by Seachanger
Sydney, Australia

Loving the pinks, that soft pink is adorable !
You must be very chuffed ! ^_^
Makes it all worth it huh ?


barmera, Australia

Dianne, try looking for Mango Kornet. Alistair sent my piece to me and that is how he spelt it on the tag. Love the soft pink too. Colleen

Clifton Springs, Australia

Good tip Colleen, I remember the K being the subject of discussion before.....thanks.

If the AF x CH colours up next Spring like it has this time, I will be extremely chuffed, Chrissy.
I feel very fortunate with Ivoire and now this one, I love the others too, but those 2 are special.....though I can't leave out

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

DIanne, I also love the way that AF X.C goes from a deep color and fads to a soft delicate pink.

Jean MC looks really nice with the Bright "Orange" mango Skirt

Alistair =
has the right spelling for Mango Cornet if there was any confusion
My Dr Seuss is still in bloom but dropping many buds there is like 100 blooms there ang looks good from second floor window

Thumbnail by SolMan Thumbnail by SolMan
Merino, Australia

Thanks fro the correct spelling Shaun.
Now , I also have a brug called Matilda from Alistair.
Does anyone have a pic of it or info on the parents ?
Back then I was not so good at keeping my notes.

Mango Cornet is looking very pretty in the orange dress this morning.


Thumbnail by 77sunset
Sydney, Australia

Beautiful pictures Shaun ...can't wait to see Dr Seuss bloom here, he makes pretty babies it seems.
You need to post that Dr Seuss close up over in the BGI Gallery, it will knock their socks off. ^_^


Sydney, Australia

Lovely Jean, I can't remember if anyone had Matilda, I have Matilda's Sister (working name only) who was later renamed
See Picture for clues ^_^ recognize her ?

I think he chose this one over Matilda, but I am not sure.


Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100
Clifton Springs, Australia

Matilda is Adèle Essex's sister, Jean........Adèle was called Matilda's sister at first....Pink Panther x Bruce's Pink.
Matilda is a single medium pink...there is a pic on DG somewhere in the last couple of year's threads.

Mango Cornet looks very pretty this morning.
I thought that it was spelt with a K too.

Yes Chrissy, Alistair did prefer Matilda's sister, that's why he named her after his aunt.
Here is the link to Matilda

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Merino, Australia

Thank you for the info Dianne & Chrissy.
I have had no Y at all on Matilda.
Adele has a Y but was hit by the spider mites so had no buds at all. Maybe next year.
Matilda was hiding behind a couple of others so I had forgotten she was there.
If they are similar, I will keep Adele. I think she is lovely.

Clifton Springs, Australia

Colleen, how are your seedlings going? Brian's seedlings as well as your own must be getting to a good size haven't said much about them...

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

When i first say Matilda I thought that you were talking about Mathildenwalzer

also here is mango Cornet

But matilda looks like a very nice

Ill send that ipc over to BGI as soon as possible Chrissy

the yard is just full of blooms right now but only crossing a few now more of what i would rather work with then what will pollinate

barmera, Australia

Dianne not all the seedlings have "Yed" yet. I'm going to chop them very soon and let them bush out for Spring. I was loathe to do the chop as I thought that I would chop the flowering piece off but most of them are getting too gangly now so I will have to do it. I'm still waiting for Judy's Tantra, Matilda, Sugar Pink, all the Vulsas and Flavas and US brugs Dr Seuss, Musketeer and some X's. I suppose they'll flower when they're ready. I went out and double checked the label on Mango Kornet and it's definitly spelt like that on mine. Do you think that I should change the spelling to a "C"? It's raining here at the moment. Colleen

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Colleen Alistair & Monika both have it labelled as Mango Cornet if that's how it was named that's how it should be written
I would change it so that you have no more confusion about the spelling.

I hope all of your plants bush up and give you a monther LOAD of blooms in spring on all of those babies

barmera, Australia

Shaun, Alistair was the one who sent me the cutting with that spelling on the label. I think it must have just been a little slip up so I will change it to a "C" so that all the spellings are the same. thanks. Colleen

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

I have just gone out side and had a look at my ""Apricot (1023)='Old Apricot' "" which i pollinated with my "" X.candida 'Peach'='Old Apricot' "" and it looks like there could be a seed pod or 2
this would make it a cross between
Old Apricot X.Old Apricot how funny
what would i write it down as and would it be a valid name cross?????
this should be 1 for Alistair

Nowra, NSW,, Australia(Zone 9b)

Sorry Colleen! Yes it should be with a C

Shaun there is something weird about Old Apricot: either it is self fertile, or there are two or more clones within the cultivar! Some years ago I grew a whole lot of seed from an open pollinated pod on OA and they all came up more or less identical to OA! I think Wayne has found the same, and maybe Cestrum also???

Clifton Springs, Australia

This is the nearest I can get to the colour of the A.Swingtime x Mango Crush.....It partially closes during the day
then opens wide at night, nice perfume a bit lemony...the pics still don't capture the depth of the Mango colour..
Which is a shame because it's really pretty...both of the plants have the same colour flower.
So what might happen if I cross them? I will wait until next Spring....I have enough pods this year...
Though one of my Knightii pods fell off....I hope that it holds the other one, it's x Ivoire....

We have the Sphaeros to look forward to in the cold Strybing vulsa x Sanguinea are about 4'6" tall, so maybe
we might see a flower this year...Michael Graupe said that they get to 6'....

Thumbnail by Seachanger Thumbnail by Seachanger
Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

The Visitor

Thumbnail by SolMan
Merino, Australia

Dianne, the color there is very pretty. I hope you have success in the spring in crossing it.
My Mango Cornet is very dark orange this morning, beautiful color.
The other bud on Super Pink x Apricot Queen is still being shy.
It has been dangling for days but has opened slightly .

Thumbnail by 77sunset
Sydney, Australia

Lovely blooms Dianne and Jean,
Shaun what is that ? a toad ?

Nothing happening here but rain.

Sydney, Australia

About the OSA ...0ver 15 years here with no pods on mine, only the ones I crossed myself, I see a different calyx on cestrum's Apricot seedlings, they look more versicolor to me (possibly a mix up earlier on).
This season I have many open pollinated pods for the first time but no pods on the OA.
I must have one that does not self pollinate if they do self pollinate.

Has anyone had open pollinated OS Apricot crosses ?

West of Brisbane, Australia

Lovely Mango blooms, Dianne. And I'd say that's a Vireya blooming in the background :-)
Great view from your upstairs window, Shaun: so many flowers and such healthy looking plants ... a toad? Not a cane toad, not bumpy/ugly enough LOL
Re seedlings with Old Apricot as parent: the OA x Butterbomb seedlings that have flowered so far for Wayne and myself have all been single apricots that look pretty much like OA itself. However, I've just remembered that first seedling of mine that had OA as a pod parent and an unknown donor, probably Golden Butter--that seedling was white:
Added: the apricot versicolor referred to in my old post is in fact Old Apricot.

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Sydney, Australia

Wow cestrum talk about walking down to the memory road, thanks for the nostalgic look back then.
I kind of miss those days still raining here just like it was back then, thanks for that link ^_^

I think that white was a pretty shape.

West of Brisbane, Australia

Yeah, I actually like that white more now than I did then. The seedling itself is long gone. I did get seeds from it but I'm not sure in fact if any of the seedlings are still left among the buckets of unflowered seedlings or if they've died.

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

I have a few "" Apricots"" that look like Old Apricot about 8 in total as i bought them all as different names many years ago when i had no IDEA hahahah those days have changet Thanks to all my friends on DG & BGI

i have many seed pods on "Candida 'Peach'= Old Apricot and there are a few Open pollinated ones also, I have Aztec Gold, Dr Seuss, GHA & Ecuador Pink all as pollen parent.
On my other (1023)= "Old Apricot" i have "Candida 'Peach'= Old Apricot as a pollen parent and a few open pollinated caps as well
I will be crossing "Candida 'Peach'= Old Apricot X.(1023)= "Old Apricot" when it shows it's next flowers as i have pollen put away.

Jean, MC color is very hot orange and the shape stunning
My [Colchester Rd] aurea is about to bloom also so should be a few pic's coming

Sydney, Australia

Shaun why do you call it Candida Peach ...I thought it was a mix, but is that officially a candida ?
Just wondering ?


Clifton Springs, Australia

Quote from chrissy100 :
About the OSA ...0ver 15 years here with no pods on mine, only the ones I crossed myself, I see a different calyx on cestrum's Apricot seedlings, they look more versicolor to me (possibly a mix up earlier on).
This season I have many open pollinated pods for the first time but no pods on the OA.
I must have one that does not self pollinate if they do self pollinate.

Has anyone had open pollinated OS Apricot crosses ?

Chrissy, last year I had an open pollinated pod that matured after 8 mnths on OA but it was empty...there a quite a few there this year only one was pollinated by me....but I have dozens of bees in the garden when ever the brugs are in flower....
i don't think that mine is self fertile, it never had pods when it was the only one in the garden.

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

In the past i have bought many varieties all different names Apricots, Peaches, Versicolor, versicolor Apricot, Versicolor Peach, candida peach all of what i can remember all look so alike just waiting for them to all bloom to make sure.
all look like OA this is what i am trying to find out by crossing them to see if i have mutiple types,
I do understand that candida is valid and i think my plant in Australia is OA as you all know plant names have been very ambiguous to date and still are

I know by the discription chrissy told me and the pic also that they are OA & not versicolor

Clifton Springs, Australia

The pods on the FFA fasc are growing, these are the ones that were crossed with RFP, the 2nd of the twin pods is still making up its mind, though I noticed an increase in it's size this is crossed with Bruce's PInk, both of these were chosen because of the size of the flower....the 3rd pod was knocked off in the stormy weather......
The Knightii pod is a bit different it seems to have divisions, funny thing...
Ivoire is laden with pods including the Topsy cross, which is getting large now...the others are all open pollinated..
The Double white noid still has it's pod, it's crossed with RFP, though it looks like it was crossed with a banana.

cestrum, the MC cross is growing next to the Vireya and the colours are lovely together, there is a Congo parrot plant there too....

By golly that's an ugly frog, careful, it's probably looking for someone to

Thumbnail by Seachanger Thumbnail by Seachanger Thumbnail by Seachanger Thumbnail by Seachanger
Merino, Australia

I may have a pod...
When I was playing moths with GHA, a cutting of GHA and aurea Lucas were flowering underneath so I stuck pollen on them. Aurea Lucas looks like it is holding a pod now. Hard to tell on the other yet.
I am still waiting on the little DPG to open. Maybe in a day or so. Its raining here now and become cold so this may slow everything down.
Plants are all enjoying the rain though.
Talking of OSA etc... I have a brug here from Chrissy that was an unnamed cutting.
When it first flowered it was white which turned apricot after a day then darkened beautifully.
Found the old pics of it from 2009.
It had just a few flowers. the next year then was badly burnt by a severe frost in 2011.
I thought it had totally died but during the summer it started to reshoot and is now looking good.
I do like the contrast of the white and apricot and will be keeping it just for its looks. ( if it flowers again that is )
Any clues on which it is ?

pic 1...the buds
pic 2...the flowers
pic 3...hiding behind the white suavoleons.

the stuff all over the plants is from the flowering gum which went mad that year and covered everything with it.

The suavoleons in the last pic is not a good brug here It has never grown any taller than 3 foot since 2008/9.
I put it in the ground where it still never grew so may toss it and put something nicer there.


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Thumbnail by 77sunset Thumbnail by 77sunset Thumbnail by 77sunset
Sydney, Australia

Lovely pictures ...Shaun I think V. Peach/Apricot is the same thing.

What a pretty colour you got out of yours Jean.
As we discussed earlier , I think we can use the colour injection from OSA to get some colour into the double whites, if that is what you would like to do.


Merino, Australia

Chrissy, I am just curious as to which brug that apricot one is . As it came from you, perhaps you know which it is.

I love the color. If it ever flowers again, I may breed with ti.

Interestingly, the comment about bees , Dianne, made me wonder why I never see them anywhere near any of my brugs.
I have bees around the garden by the hundreds , but they dont seem to go near the brug blooms.
I do see other insects venturing in the blooms though.

Sydney, Australia

It is Old Apricot -as id ed by Alistair Jean. Very tough up here, hopefully it will get better for you, I guess we all want all the Brugs, but evidently some don't feel comfortable in the heat, some don't feel comfortable in the cold. A bit like us ^_^
Our colours here never get the truly rich colour achieved in the cooler areas or the warmer areas.
So you win in some ways and lose in other ways.
In the end we must choose what works in our own gardens.
At the moment I am wondering which brugs will survive these swamp conditions I have here.


Clifton Springs, Australia

Jean, I am sure that it is Buck's Fizz and Pink Panther growing into each other that the bees love...
it's funny when Buck's Fizz almost closes during the day, the bees buzz like mad trying to get in or out...
When they are in flower as they are now, there isn't a flower that doesn't have bees...
If those two aren't in flower, then I have bees in the garden but nothing like the's always been the same since they grew together.

NW Sydney NSW, Australia

Dianne, how interesting that double pod looks!

I really cannot imagine having a garden without 'Old Apricot' growing in it. A wonderful plant. The seedling "trial" with OA that I made was with seed taken from an open pollinated pod in 2000. Only six plants, all of which produced to my eye plants identical to the parent. These I gave away to friends. At the time, I did not count it remarkable that the seedlings should be anything other than almost identical to the pod parent. I simply presumed that this Brugmansia plant was a species and would therefore be self fertile...
OA remains a mystery.

In recent times, the best seedling I have had from OA is the x with 'Munchausen Pink'. This elegant white will hopefully be P&D free, recurrent and prolific in bloom.

Here are a few pics of OA and one of my OA x MP white seedling.

Thumbnail by WayneCarter Thumbnail by WayneCarter Thumbnail by WayneCarter Thumbnail by WayneCarter Thumbnail by WayneCarter
Clifton Springs, Australia

I think that I posted this still makes me smile..

Very beautiful garden Wayne, OA is a is the Crepe Myrtle behind it.
That's a very nice white, love the flouncy corolla...

Good luck with those pods, Jean....

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