Sally's beauty supply specials!!!

Virginia Beach, VA

For those of you who has Sally's beauty supply and has a green card they have lots of specials!!

I buy a lot of my cosmetic as well as manicure manicure supplies from them but my best deal is gallon shampoo which lasts me 3 years.
before ringing my order she went back to the back with another gallon and told me it is buy one get one free!!! I will give the other gallon to my grandsons. What a buy!!!!


Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

I get their ads mailed to my email account. In fact, I register with every company that I like and get their emails. I get all kinds of free stuff and discount coupons and special sales. I even sign up for some places that I don't use, but friends do. So I give them the coupons.

My favorite places to get coupons from are Chili's and Fazoli's (Italian food). I often get free chips and queso from Chili's. So just about anytime a coworker and I eat there, we get the free chips and queso as an appetizer. Fazoli's often gives away free or 99 cent spaghetti, and they actually make really good spag.

I have to say, a buy one gallon of shampoo and get one free is a GREAT Deal.

Virginia Beach, VA

i love clearance and buy one get one free!1 My Husbands says my middle name is clearance.


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