Talihina, OK

Found some old pruners the manufactors name is illegible any help would be much appreciated

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Lucketts, VA(Zone 7a)

The spring mechanism and the tool itself look similar to these shears that are being offered on eBay. Here is the link:

They mention that they are made of HI-TEST DROP FORGED steel, but the latch is broken and they are not shown closed as yours are. In the second photo, the same side is up as in your pictures, and the bolt pivot looks the same.

Also on eBay, with a brand name of Miltex, and having the same spring mechanism are some snippers. Here is the link:

There was also something on there by Pexto. Maybe knowing what might be on yours might help you decipher the name.

Talihina, OK

don't know if you notice but in the first set of pix there is two diferent tools shown the one on the left is surely tin snips but the other is a bypass pruner and on mine the anvil portion is much too thick to function as tin snips I think I have a pic of the tension washer/nut and will send it ,likely the most interesting part of the tool

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Lucketts, VA(Zone 7a)

You are right. I did not realize there were 2 tools. That is indeed an interesting mechanism, and thanks for the closeups. I hope someone else can give you better info.

Talihina, OK

thanks ec it is just interesting to me because they are so well made ,BTW today I got the pawl that holds the tension nut in place to free up ..

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