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Monthly hortiscope for May

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Gardeners born in May are under the sign of the lawnmower. You're tough and tenacious, willing to dig into the big spring chores of clearing last year's borders and double-digging your vegetable garden. Your persistence is sometimes seen as stubbornness, which can lead you to plant a specimen where you want it instead of where its needs will be met. However, your adherence to rules means you always read the instructions on the seeds and fertilizer packages, which greatly increases your chances of gardening success. Your birth flower is Lily of the Valley and your birth trees include Ash, Chestnut and Poplar.

Famous gardeners sharing your birth month include: Gustav Wallis, James Britten, Joel Elias Springarn, Princess Sophie Charlotte, Thomas Moore, Charles Edwin Bessey, William Lanier Hunt, Carolus Linnaeus, Elizabeth Lawrence, Walt Whitman and Edward Augustus Bowles.

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