portland-limestone cement in hypertufa

waubaushene, Canada

Hi everyone, just thought I would check in and see if anyone has had any experience with using the new portland-limestone cement. Its is supposed to produce 10% less greenhouse gas emissions in production. I will be trying it today, and will hopefully let you know what happens down the road, but if
anyone else has used it....please don't hesitate to let me know if it is comparable. Thanks!

East Tawas, MI(Zone 5b)

Sorry to say, I am just starting to gather info and items for my first big project. So, I have no help for you. Hope yours turns out well and I am looking forward to your report on the portland-limestone cement.

I wonder if the limestone will leach into the surrounding ground and if so, would it not be bad to place this directly into gardens or waterfeatures. hmm, I will have to check into that.

Hope this forum wakes up soon, it's been quiet.

Good Luck with your Project. Are you taking pictures?

Rancho Santa Rita, TX(Zone 8a)


IT IS NATURALLY IN THE SOIL AND the bedrock is limestone

It filters the water tht is in the

We have driveways made of it and it is used to buld houses
instead of brick.

There are certain plants which THRIVE in it, lavender
comes immediately to mind and there are many others.

Bronson, FL

Limestones everywhere here in FL as well! What type of projects are you guys doing?

Springfield, OR(Zone 8a)



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