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Using a Y-filter as a fertilizer injector?

New Orleans, LA(Zone 9a)

I was going through the mrdrip website and wound up on their fertilizer page, http://www.mrdrip.com/soakerhosejuice.htm. Near the bottom of the page, they talk about ways to apply their liquid fertilizer, injector, watering can, sprayer & through a Y-Filter. It says

Soaker Hose/Drip Systems: Our popular "Y"-filters make great applicators. 1 oz. per 100' of soaker hose. 1 oz per 100 gph of emitters installed on a drip system (ex: 50- 2 gph emitters = 1 oz.)

Since I have a drip system with a y-filter I'd be interested in using this method since I wouldn't have to but another piece. Has anyone ever used a y-filter as a fertilizer injector?


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