Antique Picture Frame

-South Central-, IL(Zone 6a)

Today I got an antique frame, like pics of our great grandparents are in. It has rounded corners on the bottom, the top is totally rounded, and it has curved glass.

Now I don't know anything about this, but I think it might be valuable, and I'm wondering if someone can ballpark a $$ for me.

Also, what am I going to do with it? The person in it looks pretty creepy, and the picture has no value to me... does it?

What are people doing these days with those old, old, frames?

Thanks for your input on this. I know I'm at the best place to get the best advice.

Austin, TX(Zone 8b)

I inherited a bunch of those. Had a garage sale and put a sign on the table that read, "Instant Ancestors." That was at least 15 yrs ago. I think the ones that had the rounded glass sold for $35. to $65. It depended on the frame and size too. I had lots of small professional photos that were of little girls or families dressed up. Those sold for $5 to 10. with no frames.

It's too bad people don't mark the back of their photos for their relatives. I have a stack of family photos that I have no idea who any of them are. One is a group of men with long beards and all on horseback. I can't get rid of 'em because they're family, but I don't know anyone alive who could possibly ID them. After Hurricane Camille, I started marking the back of my photos with who they were and my relation to them.

Hope that helps.

-South Central-, IL(Zone 6a)

thanks, bubbles. It helps to know 'something'. I appreciate it.

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