Can anyone tell me what type of spider this is please?

There's hundreds of these spiders living in my garden.

I have a relatively small garden, theres a border of plants and flowers around the edge and the middle of the garden is all stones. The spiders seem to be living/hiding in the stones. They don't seem to have made any webs, instead live on the ground. I'd guess they're about an inch long (inc legs). For a while i thought they were wolf spiders, but found out wolf spiders are nocturnal -and these spiders are most active in the afternoon sun. I did see one that looked like it had a white egg sac on it though.

(sorry, spiders are a little camouflaged in the stones)

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Minot, ND

Could very well be wolf spiders - this family includes some very small species, and I have seen them active during the daytime.

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