Tag Lost, any guesses?

Schroon Lake, NY(Zone 4a)

This was in a section of fairly recent iris purchases. Any guesses? The tag is lost. Early blooming. Thanks!

Thumbnail by dmcdevitt
Canton, IL(Zone 5a)

Could it be Confederate Royalty?


Schroon Lake, NY(Zone 4a)

Thanks... I went all thru my email sent box and found an order from 3 years ago to Blue J iris and it included Bright New Day....I think that's it! The lengths we go to to keep all this stuff straight! I have 107 in my database, and labeled in my garden.

Canton, IL(Zone 5a)

well using your issue as motivation, i went to my garden area yesterday and took a pic of each plant tag with the plant in the background of it (up close) so I would be able to tell what's what when they grow up LOL

Schroon Lake, NY(Zone 4a)

Great idea!!

Canton, IL(Zone 5a)

now... to add them to my "have" list

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