My last moasic tortise

Payson, AZ(Zone 7a)

I worked on him for days. Took forever, very messy. Don't want to do another one for a loooong time.

Thumbnail by jcoats123
Thousand Oaks, CA(Zone 10a)

jccoats: But the end result is fabalous. At least you finished him....I tend to put things aside that are tedious and then forget about

Northwest, MO(Zone 5a)

Wow!!! That is beautiful. I have always wanted to try this, but fear it would be so tedious that I would never finish.

If you do anything else, please post your pictures.

Phoenix, AZ

Mine has been sitting in the yard 1/2 done for 3 years :(

Rockford, IL

Beautiful. I made a small turtle for a friend. Not as intense but lovely.

Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

Beautiful! Is it a turtle mold of clay covered or how is it done? This is new to me?

South Milwaukee, WI

Beautiful ! You picked the perfect colors,too ! I can see all the work in it - relax now . you did good !

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