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Hansa Rose

Edmonton, Canada

Hi - I live in zone 3. Has anyone had any success in planting the "Hansa Rose" in a container? Thank you,

Calgary, AB(Zone 3b)

That depends entirely on what sort of container you're considering.

A pot would certainly not be recommended, no matter how big (and bigger is always better for planting anything in pots - we use 20" diameter for roses), unless you plan to sink it into the ground for the winter. An alternative would be to bring the pot indoors into a coldroom where it wouldn't freeze... however, it would be a real waste of effort to use a perfectly hardy rose such as a 'Hansa' in such a way, given all the maintenance (hauling huge pots in and out) that you would have created... better for a tender rose, if you chose to go that way.

If by "a container", you mean a large, raised, vertical-sided, permanent outdoor planter, then sure, a 'Hansa' would be fine for that.

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Edmonton, Canada

Hi - What would be a good container rose for zone 3?

Calgary, AB(Zone 3b)

Are you planning on growing it as an annual (that is, not worry about it coming through the winter) or are you planning on trying to keep it from year to year? If the latter, what's the plan for overwintering it?

Calgary, AB(Zone 3b)

Didn't mean to scare you off... ;-)
If you just plan to enjoy it through the summer, and not worry about wintering it over, that makes everything a lot easier...

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